EA Access wants to be Netflix for video games, but it doesn't go far enough

A video game subscription service in the vein of Netflix Instant Watch will make a company very, very wealthy. But it probably won't be Electronic Arts.

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Mikey322301629d ago

No EA Access will never be like a netflix for video games. They are a single publisher.

Playstation Now Can be a netflix for video games IF they get this pricing right. I'm not sure what they are doing at the moment, i understand it is a beta and they are testing pricing.. but for every day you "test" pricing at such a high cost, they are losing money on the cost to keep those servers and infrastructure up and running. How many people are really streaming any games what so ever at pricing like that? I bet its an astounding low amount of people, to where they are losing more money than they are recouping, all for what? just to "test" pricing.

Sony did not test playstation plus pricing. They put out a completely reasonable subscription and it started selling itself immediately. I'm actually worried for this playstation now subscription model though. With pricing like how it is, it make it seem like the subscription would be a monthly fee of ($15-30) which translates to a yearly fee of ($180-$360)..That will certainly cause PSNow to fail.

We have to think what there subscription would mean.. would it give you 'free' access to to every game in the catalog to stream? if so... it becomes something even better than playstation plus.. which already costs $50 per year. I'm interested to see what they do with this subscription. I have a feeling it will be extremely expensive and sink their ship though.

Dwalls11711629d ago

It actually is Netflix of games . . . without the games. .
They don't have enough yet but they will get more

Deadpoolio1629d ago

Oh Jesus they are not putting new games into "the vault" they already made that clear with titanfall, the service is clearly only worth something if all you want to play are year plus old sports games, hell it's all the X1 is going to get.....

The point more people are trying to make is NO EA access is NOT the neflix of games nor could it really be based on the fact that EA is a publisher, they publish a very narrow spectrum of games. To be a netflix you would actually have to be an independant 3rd party or one of the console manufactures who could make deals with other parties to allow a wide spectrum of titles...

BTW the discount that everyone keeps jizzing over of future DIGITAL title purchases, simple maths tells us it's around $5.00 so clearly Xbots are desperate to try to make something sound amazing, if you have a problem paying $55 for a game at gamestop a non trade able $55 digital game should be just as horrible

Darkstares1629d ago

Netflix has the content to make the value much better but Neflix falls short in having new content which is where the 5 days early access on EA games differs. PS Now is also being compared to Netflix because it will offer older catalog titles but they price it based on each title. That's why it falls short until Sony offers a bundled model like Netflix.

EA Access also offers 10% discounts on digital content, Netflix doesn't do this.

nicksetzer11629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Down the road this service will be absolutely amazing. Games like titanfall, mirrors edge, star wars, and more will continue to grow the backlog. As of now EA access is an averagely enticing deal. As the library grow though? It will be a no brainer.

Plus early access to games and 10% of iss just a bonus.

ShadowKingx1629d ago

agree and not to mention alot of people including myself is waiting for the subscription to hit.

ShowGun9011629d ago

i hope it doesn't become like netflix, 1 quality item for every 25 garbage items.

"Over 10,000 streaming titles!"

"how many will i like?"

"between 4-7, depending on your affection for foreign films, and tolerance for our growing selection of gay/lesbian movies..."

how is that even a category? are there straight movies? (definetly not 300...)

Allsystemgamer1629d ago

Someone needs to use the filters...

Spotie1629d ago

There are movies that cater to a straight audience more than not. Just like chick flicks are for girls and action movies are for guys (generalizing, of course).

A genre isn't LIMITED to a specific audience, but it does specifically target that audience. Thus often means it'll have nothing for other audiences. Movies for the lgbt community aren't likely to appeal to most straight individuals, or they just don't appeal to them as much.

As a straight guy myself I have to ask: how does this negatively affect you?

On topic: EA's program can never be like Netflix, because it will only ever have EA titles available. PS Now attempts to offer content in a similar method, but with different pricing plans, currently.

ShowGun9011628d ago


it negatively affects me, not because of niche content, but because MOST of the content on netflixs' streaming service is completly WORTHLESS... im not bashing any paticular genre, im saying MOST of netflix is low-quality filler that is just there to boost their numbers. MOST of the content is GARBAGE!

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Insomnia_841629d ago

Netflix with such a limited library? Limited to their games only, not even close to Netflix. Playstation Now is closer to Netflix than EA Access and a better value as you choose what games you get. Most of the EA games you will probably get on release, Fifa, BF, NFS, Madden, or will ppl wait several months for EA to put these games in The Vault and not buy them on release?

MysticStrummer1629d ago

Netflix has a pretty limited library also, but not only that, it's mostly stuff I don't want to watch. Many movies/shows on Netflix have less than 3 star ratings. EA Access better have loftier ambitions than that.

nicksetzer11629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Hmmm, netflix 7.99/month for access to ALL the content it has .... PSNow 5.99-7.99/week for ONLY 1 game.

Yup, sounds exactly the same.

Whereas EA access is 30$/year (aka 2.50$/month) for an entire backlog which will continue to grow. (Including games like mirrors edge, star wars battlefront, titanfall, PVZ, etc)

PeaSFor1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

ps now has more than one publisher, and you can rent a game 30 days for 15$ or 90days for 30$

Ea Access ONLY have ea games..and only few of them(lol at your "entire backlog"), wich is dealbreaker from the start.

im sorry but i will keep using PS+(and maybe ps now),

vanity291628d ago

I see people comparing EA Access to PS Now (and now Netflix?) a lot... I haven't looked into it though so I wanna know if it's a streaming service like the other two or not :0 otherwise no comparison

iamnsuperman1629d ago

It could never be with the limited library (which comes with a publisher running the service hence why either a pltofrm holder or a third party company needs to run the service). Also the method of delivery means it could never reach those heights (running games locally). PS Now is more akin to Netflix

Hellsvacancy1629d ago

I want to be an astronaut, doesn't mean i'm going to be one

masterfox1629d ago

yeah because EA games are top of the top right ? right ?

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