Do Video Games Really Make Us Unhappy?

IM PLAYIN discusses a study asking whether or not playing video games makes us unhappy, mainly because of guilt.

"I recently read an article in the Journal of Communicati0ns, as you do, which suggested that, among other thing, video games have the potential to make us unhappy. This statement made up a small part of the study, but it still jumped off of the page at me. I spend a lot of time reading various journals for my MA, but few got me thinking in the way that this study did. It wasn’t suggesting that playing video games can make us unhappy because we wish we could live our lives like our favourite gaming heroes, or because the contents of the game have some sort of psychological effect on us. Rather, it stated that it can make us feel unhappy because of the guilt that sometimes comes with having leisure time. It also stressed that, the harder day we’ve had, the more guilty we’ll feel for playing some games. The whole time that I was reading it, I couldn’t help but feel that I didn’t agree. I know, it’s a scientific study, you’re not really supposed to agree or disagree with ‘facts’, still, I feel that there’s no need to feel guilty about playing video games. There are plenty of reasons why."

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video games make me happy