Japan goes Mobile Gaming crazy as sales top $5 billion

We like to think we’re pretty up to speed on the whole mobile gaming thing, with our Jungle Runs and our Crushes of Candy and our Birds which are either Angry or Happy. But our infatuation is nothing compared to that of Japan where, according to the Japanese Consumer Entertainment Supplier’s Association, mobile game revenue for the past year has hit $5.1 billion. Impressive indeed, but is also something of a watershed moment for gaming, as this means it took in more dosh then traditional consoles, which raked in $4 billion.

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dcj05241936d ago

Different Strokes For Different Folks.

Codewow1936d ago

To think of the money Nintendo would make if they released Pokemon on mobile devices... Even if they were priced at $60 a piece.

ChickeyCantor1936d ago

what...They are already making that money by pokemon+hardware sales. Put it on phones and they make less because their handhelds won't sell.

speedforce1311936d ago

This is such nonsense I don't even know how to respond anymore. The article just got done saying that it's a 5 BILLION dollar industry. Vastly bigger than 3DS market and Wii market combined. With those kind of numbers, plus the Pokemon franchise, the sales would EXPLODE.

Forget it. I'm done. Putting this guy to ignore.

ChickeyCantor1936d ago

lol at speedforce,

Nintendo sells hardware too. So they actually loose money.

And actually expecting every mobile user to buy pokemon. lol.

Codewow1935d ago

They wouldn't lose much on the hardware side and they would gain so much more from the mobile sales.

kingPoS1936d ago

That i'll be interesting to see how that develops.

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