Titanfall drops to £22.99 on Xbox One

Dealspwn writes: There's nothing quite like Titanfall on the market right now and the combination of massive mechs and jetpacks is all sorts of mad fun. Now's a great time to get involved thanks to the recent DLC drops and there's another on the way soon. Be sure to check out Jon's review and have a look at our Titanfall hub to see our videos and articles, including Carl heading online with only a joystick for company.

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PeaSFor1936d ago

should have been the price at launch to be honest..

LonDonE1936d ago

i wish the DLC map packs were free for EVERYONE! further splitting of the player base is not good especially when this game just doesn't not have enough players playing the different game modes!

I play in the UK on the west and north Europe servers and most times its a ghost town! finding a decent game of hard point or CTF is nigh on rare!
I could just switch data centre/servers to American servers but then the ping times are garbage and the game has even more frame rate dips and lag.
Strange since i have played battlefield games and cod etc with American friends loads of times with minimum lag but on Titanfall i hate it!
But i at least can find games in near enough all the modes when i switch to American servers but its annoying!

Why people in Europe are just not playing this great game enough is baffling but i suspect it may be because the game just doesn't feel competitive like a BF or COD game.
And the lack of enough content also may be a issue, the tacked on single player is laughable, and the game modes are generic as hell! i think the new marked man game mode is AWESOME and i hope they make it permanent! its plays into the vertical movement of the game and like CTF is great in titanfall.

Also the generic weapons and lack of proper customizing is also a problem.
I just wish the game had free dlc for all which would mean more players playing on all the maps!
I understand the devs want to make money but the way i look at it, the game was released as a incomplete mess, with bad optimizing and constant tearing and frame rate drops also it doesn't have a single player!

Am sorry but that titanfall tacked on campaign IS NOT A SINGLE PLAYER! the game has great lore and could of had a great single player to get players more invested into the game and lore! and although the game did come with lot of great maps i still think the fact the game is lacking in content, it would of been a good thing if the map packs were free

cruzngta1936d ago

I agree this would have been acceptable for a game that was missing content like single player offline, bots mode, etc. Respawn knew they would just try to cash in on the online MP craze that has become the standard for so many people today. That is why I respect companies that focus on offline single player with compelling stories and good fun gameplay. Online should never take priority over the main focus of the game which is the story and SP.

n4rc1936d ago

Pretty arrogant viewpoint dude..

Who are you to decide what the main focus of a game should be? Many people don't care about sp in fps games..

tinynuggins1936d ago

Yeah, I wish it had a single player campaign so that I could completely ignore it. I just like knowing it's there.

Artista 1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )


Artista 1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

You all have valid points. I can't argue, here's what I think. .

Devs have the right to make whatever they want. . .

Sp only
Sp and Mp
or MP only. .

You know what you're getting before you put your money down. You have a choice.

cruzngta1936d ago

Its not arrogant its just an opinion. Just like yours about me being arrogant. Get over yourself. For your info there are alot of people who I know feel the same way about this game. I have it and enjoy it for what it is but I am not blindly obligated to a product or company to defend it if I feel it is lacking in areas. That is how devs sometimes react to fan feedback and make sequels better. Common sense.