If Sony wants PlayStation Now to succeed, it has to treat us better than GameStop

The PlayStation Now service has tremendous potential. You will provide people with access to hundreds of PlayStation games through the black magic of streaming. From Metal Gear Solid 4 to Catherine, Darksiders to Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine. The breadth of options alone elevates the plan above its competitors. You're even planning to use PlayStation Now to appease the people who want to play their old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games on their new console. They'll pay for it, of course.

This could be huge. But right now, you — and presumably, the developers and publishers you're negotiating royalties with — are standing in the way.

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Insomnia_841930d ago

So how much are the video game rentals at GameStop, Polydumb?

Seriously, this stupidity about the prices needs to die already. Stop giving clicks to these websites.

jujubee881930d ago

Are you.. defending any bullcrap going on with PSNOW beta?

Anyone that doesn't give feedback and wants more of the same, when, even the people in the business and tech side of things related to the PSNOW service @ Sony, are asking to hear the consumers feedback.. These people are just CRAZY and/or want the thing to fail!

Eonjay1930d ago

Well clickbait is still click bait.
When was the last time Polygon published a dissent against Gamestop? Also, everyone knows that the sub plan is inbound. So instead of reading the same type of articles over and over, I want to see sites speculate on the fair sub plans.

We are past the point of constructive criticism and now we need constructive ideas.

Pogmathoin1930d ago

All you heard was gamers saved us from DRM and so on for the last year, but this blatant cash grab is just fine because it is Sony? And I understand Sony too, they are making great strides to return to profit, but prices like this, reeks off shareholders wanting money. Something 'only' MS does. If these prices remain, it will be fair to use $ony. Best though is the outrageous reaction to the bargain that is EA access.

Neixus1930d ago

Atleast ''$ony'' didn't launch ps4 with a $500 price. They will probably change the price, if no, that's a stupid move. But it's not a mandatory and/or a requirement, so i don't really care.

Irishguy951930d ago

No...only the Ps3 at 600+

Sony learned their lesson last gen about console pricing

Death1930d ago

The PS4 didn't launch at $499 because Sony didn't include the camera. The Xbox One without a camera is $399.

$ony Paystation :)

shinrock1930d ago

No ps fanboys saved Gamestop! But in reality they just gave gamestop a fewmore years. All of this has spawned what we now know as EA access. You all just delayed drm and allowed it to mutate into pub access. Thx ps fanboys! You helping the digital era right along!

Infamous2981930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

@Death funny how the playstation camera cost 59.99$ and yet you claim it cost 100.00$ lol pathetic .

monkeyDzoro1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I saw a comparison on Gamespot between PSNOW pricing and gamestop pricing. Full used games prices were almost similar to rental prices on PSNOW. But the issue with that was they took prices for PS3 games... on PS3. Whereas, you CAN'T play PS3 games on PS4. This said you have to take that into account.

To make this work on PS3, they should definitely lower the prices, like half what it is right now. But on PS4, they should re-adjust them according to rental duration.

4 hrs shouldn't be charged. Lower to 2 hrs of free trial for all games for $5 - $8/month
Weekly prices are okay to me though.

But I think for lenghtier rental period like a month or three, they should submit a subscription model. For example:
- $35/year for 2 games of our choice per month + 1hr trial on 1 game of our choice;
- $50/year for 3 games of our choice per month + 4hrs trial on all games in the library

jujubee881930d ago

"... the bargain that is EA access."


Here's the facts as I see them:

a) If EA aren't working with PSNOW.. they just lost a consumer. Bc I will only play streaming games on my VITA, PSTV, or future Android tab via PSNOW app.
b) If only subs are in the future for these services, then I have no interest in any streaming future bc I want ala carte flexibility (at its lowes cost, too)
c) Don't defend anyone here. Because, let's be honest, you are not owning a single game on these things.

Either way, if EA want to lead the pack for being a greedy pub, then fine. The have never mirrored what the real consumer interest in gaming is anyway, and they will end up like Capcom bc of it now, esp if they do not work with Sony on PSNOW.

Book it.

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marlinfan101930d ago


yeah he is, he was in another article doing the same thing. its pretty sad how sony literally can't do anything wrong in some of these peoples eyes

kenshiro1001930d ago

People are also blowing this way out of proportion.

marlinfan101930d ago

no ones saying its some terrible service, just that the prices aren't good. hows that blowing it out of proportion?

jujubee881930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

"You chose to open the beta with one payment option: rentals. This is the wrong model."

Opening the beta, maybe it is. I mean, these are hardcore users who likely already have PS+, and Sony should have solved a sub model by now.

For me, I want to use rentals on my VITA and PSTV (when it's out of beta). And since I'm a big fat peasant I don't want to subscribe to anything. So just give me the taste rentals and 90 day rentals... at a much lower price then currently in the beta.

Thanks, Sony, pubs, and co.

DEEBO1930d ago

Both options rental and membership.
Give the customer a choice and don't be too greedy but make everybody happy.(gamers,3rd party and make some money.

Is the service was on a phone it will takeoff but they need to have free games too.

cruzngta1930d ago

Gamestop is definitely becoming more and more of a ripoff. The trade values they give are just pathetic.

Omar911930d ago

Although I agree to some extent, I bought last of us remastered for 25 bucks when I traded in my ps3 copy. So I think that was a pretty good deal

sprinterboy1930d ago

Sony will listen to the feedback I am sure, they just need to lower the 90 day rental and the 4hr one imo. I pay £14.99 for my rental subscription and normally rent 3 games a month so that works out at £5 a rental, if Sony can match that when and if they do a monthly subscription they have my money

Sayai jin1930d ago

It's not Sony setting the price. It's the game devs. Sony only sets the price for the games published by their studio. Which is alarming in itself, because they are charging high prices too. In order for the prices to change, it seems it will be a massive undertaking; Sony will have to negotiate new contracts and royalties with each company that has games on PS Now. I do not see this happening any time soon which would be unfortunate because the service has great potential.

TimeSkipLuffy1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Why do you believe every word Sony says? Of course there is a piece of cake for them as well! They provide the service for games from other publishers. The publisher earns money + Sony earns money. Why would they do it for free while they paid so much for Gakkai?
Sony is not Jesus you know.

jujubee881930d ago


There is a "piece of cake" for all people involved here. A lot of people are showing interest in both the tech and the games enough that the launch of the final service could be as big as the Playstation console(s).

And bc of this, Sony AS WELL AS the publishers need to mediate something in order to make rentals cost less then they are now. (And I already know about the sub model, which I could care less about -- not being a long term relationship guy myself.)

And Sony paid for Gaikai mostly for the name and the people involved, which they did pretty well in doing. Because right now they are scratching the surface on what PSNOW will be and they have bigger ideas coming if all goes well.

I can say this because I keep tabs on people who are in charge of creative direction with the service and they look like they are already planning ahead... but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't deal with the HERE AND NOW. (which is making the service cheaper and over all better)

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