What We Want Changed After Destiny's Beta

Kotaku: As betas go you can’t argue with Destiny’s success. I’ve heard more than a few people saying it’s the most they have played on their PS4 since launch for example, while it seems to be basically the only thing that happened over the weekend.

Now we’ve all had a good long play is there anything you want changed? Here’s a few things I’d loved to see addressed.

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nucky641931d ago

#1 thing that needs changed - requiring 6 players for strike missions and all having to be off of friends'll be too difficult to arrange times that all 6 can get together to play.

ArchangelMike1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

3 things that need changing

1. Proximity chat

2. Team chat in the crubible

2. Being able to invite/join a fireteam with one button press

randomass1711931d ago

Yeah not being able to join other fire teams was an issue when I played the beta. I hope they add that in as well.

leemo191931d ago

You could invite and join other peoples fireteam. You have to go to roster in the menu selection and on the right would be the group of people near you. Select the person and you will see invite or join fireteam. Sometimes people would have their settings where no invites or friends of friends so you couldn't always join them.

LAWSON721930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Number 3 (lol or the second 2) is possible on PS3 but not on Xbone for some reason. Also on PS3 fireteam had options to be friends only, private, and public.

The Xbone beta was badly done. Not only did it lack these features the party chat was broken

HacSawJimThugin1930d ago

I'd say after the second day of the beta, I could no longer join fire teams or invite ppl to my fire team because the option was gone. It just disappeared and never came back. That bug better be a beta memory come launch; being force to play alone most of the beta sucked.

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rdgneoz31930d ago

They should look at how other MMOs do harder raids / dungeons, in how they do their 6 player version. With FFXIV (since it's on consoles) or even WoW, at first you needed to group up to do the some of the raids. Then as people got familiar with it (youtube helps), you could queue for them.

The way chat is right now, you won't have as easy a time as other games do with finding others. Especially when the tower holds only so many people per instance. With other MMOs, you can at least post messages in LFG chat or check party finder (FF) for groups.

@leemo19 That is the way to invite people, but a simpler method where you're not having to go through several menu screens while your character sits out in the open for mobs to attack, or having to run to a safe spot and hope they haven't traveled to another location would be nice. They already have emotes that target who you're looking at, so it'd be simple to do targeted invites.

Jughead34161930d ago

@nucky64 - I agree with this. I love Destiny, and I want to do the raids. But I've never gotten together with more than about 3 or 4 friends at one time. We should be able to play with whoever. Maybe they allow this after a while. This should have been in the beta just to see how many people are able to get together for the raids.

Jeff2571930d ago

It is Raids not strikes that require 6 friends. Strikes only require 3 people and those do have matchmaking.

nucky641930d ago

yea - I got the words backwards - I think everyone gets the point.

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leemo191931d ago

Little things I want changed is being able to run and reload. You can jump and reload, but not run and reload makes no sense.
Team chat would be great in the crucible communication was needed in the beta to win at times.
Don't get rid of the vehicles or turrets, but make it where if someone uses them they lose their shield or have the ability to highjack them if your close enough.

immoracle1930d ago

As far as gameplay mechanics, I want a slightly faster turning radius. It felt a little cramped to turn, even with sensitivity turned way up. Also, to be able to snipe whilst double jumping. For some reason the double jump animation cancels the sniper aim.

ShaqSoda1930d ago

The game isn't all that I thought it was but I'm still getting it. There's no other games that interest me at the moment. I have a next gen console and I'm bored with it.

Dspdspes1930d ago

Agree with you. Warframe is still my most played game.....

mav8051930d ago

What I would have liked to see is more of what I feel the game was made out to be. A game with a large expansive world, which would include multiple cities, interesting npc's with histories and quests, a strong story, etc. None of that seems too likely now.

KwietStorm1930d ago

None of that seems likely, based on the beta or..?

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