TeamXbox: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Review

TeamXbox writes: "Glance quickly at the title of Atari's and Dimps' new fighter, and the unfamiliar will probably start questioning the mettle of any game entitled Dragon Ballz. Upon closer inspection, the capitalization of the 'Z' and the slight-but-evident spacing suggests that Burst Limit is some Japanese game for young adults; not some 'M' rated stag film for fantastical reptiles.

The above scenario is for the gamers that will perhaps be scared away by Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit's box cover that is complete with Japanese markings and a cartoon cover character– hair resembling an artichoke. However, those hip enough to call the Japanese and U.S.-dubbed animated TV show (and the manga on which it was based) "DBZ" already get it, and should probably run out on June 10th and pick Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit up as soon as it hits shelves."

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