In The Absence Of New Games, Capcom’s Old Ones Are Still Selling

Resident Evil 5 is still selling, five years after its release.

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rmw2hot871929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I actually loved RE5, it was a good game. RE6 was terrible.

SpiralTear1928d ago

RE5 was a decent action game, but a terrible horror game. RE6 was a bad everything.

styferion1927d ago

that part where chris punch a boulder still cracks me up.

nope1111927d ago

SpiralTear pretty much hit the nail on the head. RE5 pretty good.

RE6 was just crap.

Though both are better than that festering pile of poo called: RE: ORC.

SoulMikeY1927d ago

Except RE6 was a billion times better than RE5. Both sucked, but let's keep it real here. 5 blows harder than a well used prostitute.

Deadpoolio1927d ago

Neither of them sucked.....They weren't as good as they could have been but they weren't terrible either...While I liked RE6, I can admit that it's main problem was trying to be everything to everyone instead of focusing on one thing

SolidGear31927d ago

Resident Evil 6 I enjoyed, 5 not as much.

ShaunCameron1927d ago

RE5 was the very first game I got a Platinum trophy in.

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funkybudda1928d ago

Downfall of the RE series when they converted to action games instead of horror games.

Chard1927d ago

I'd say the downfall coincided with Shinji Mikami no longer being at the helm

Baccra171927d ago

RE 4 ruined it all, and Mikami was there for that Chard.

ShaunCameron1927d ago

The funny thing is he made RE4 the way it was because he got sick of the previous formula.

ocelot071927d ago

Enjoyed Resident Evil 5. It was also a really good co-op ACTION game. I refuse to use the word horror with Resident Evil any more.

e-p-ayeaH1927d ago

It needs a fresh start.

RJ920091927d ago

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RJ920091927d ago

How so? It can happen and why the Disagrees? It's a great idea and a win for us gamers

CorndogBurglar1927d ago

So you knew you had a wall of text and bad grammar, so much so that you apologized in the article for it, yet you did nothing break it up into paragraphs or fix the grammar and punctuation. Nice.

Also, terrible idea.

RJ920091927d ago

How is it a bad idea and I don't care it's n4g and I'm lazy

VileAndVicious1927d ago


Total life time sales of DmC are 1.6 million. This means it's no longer the worst selling in the series

But glad it's still selling, it was a good game.

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The story is too old to be commented.