The Subtle Sexism of Anita Sarkeesian

Armed Gamer: Let me start off this article by making one thing very clear: Anita Sarkeesian isn’t always wrong. There are even some moments when she ambles and stumbles upon good points. Her presence has done something positive in the gaming community: she’s brought a lot more attention to gender relations in not only game design/development, but the gaming community at large. Much of the criticism and vitriol she has received, including a game made where the entire point is to beat up an image of her face, is abhorrent and of course incredibly unwarranted. She’s received threats of death and rape, as well as coordinated efforts to try and scare her away from the public light. I want to start off this article by saying I disagree HEAVILY with all of those efforts.

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CaptainObvious8781929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I wouldn't call it subtle.

Her sexism, her bigoted, hypocritical rhetoric and intellectual dishonesty is clear for anyone to see with half a brain.

johndoe112111929d ago

I have seen enough of her twisted viewpoints and many rebuttal videos proving her falsehood to know that she is way more often wrong than right. That video is just one of many that have been made that shows she makes up a lot of so called "facts" and that she has ulterior motives. She wants attention and fame.

Starks1929d ago

People wouldn't hate her as much if she ever came off right for once.