Why Nintendo Is Still The Best

Armed Gamer: Depending on who you ask, some might say we’re in the golden age of gaming. Many probably disagree and would rather say we’re in gaming hell! E3 came and went and was filled with the promise of a new Halo Game, Assassin’s Creed: French Revolution Edition (Let them eat my hidden blade), Crackdown, Rainbow Six, etc., and of course if those don’t interest you, you can download Grand Theft Auto III to your iPhone on your commute to work. I feels like we’re experiencing an oversaturation of games with budgets bigger than most Tom Cruise blockbusters, and you can’t even download a “free” iPhone game anymore without ads upon ads or without reaching a level that you can’t play without paying extra money. The future of gaming is mobile gaming? My ass.

And then there’s Nintendo.

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vishmarx1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

last line
As the GREAT Peter Molyneux said, “Never underestimate Nintendo.”

^^^ LMAO just the guy people need to quote in their articles

anyways typical reassurance article
"The Nintendo DS went on to sell almost over 153 million consoles.Nintendo launches rarely start off strong, but give them time...It’s a great time to be a Nintendo fanboy. Nintendo is still the best!"

"Nintendo will always win for two reasons: 1.) They have the best games; 2.) They don’t give a single, solitary fuck about what anyone says about them."

highly professional and logical writing.much enlightened.such insight

so as a summary
Q:why is nintendo still the best?
A:its the best and screw you because i say so.

thank you author,now we know why we should all get the wii u.because you like mario and zelda,and thats so important.
never thought a nintendo console was gonna get nintendo games sometime in the future and that its an obligation to like them because DUH,the author said theyre the best.
(rushes of to the nearby gamestop to get one)

Chrono1928d ago

What can we do to these blind fanboys? Let them live their dreams.

vishmarx1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

calling peter molyneux THE GREAT isnt blind,
its something else entirely..its scary
i really want more guys to approve this and show the world how moronic some people can be

Mr Tretton1927d ago

Nintendo hasn't been 'the best' since the 80's. Poor choice of platforms and game selection for any serious gamer. The PS1 and rise of quality in PC gaming in the 90's reduced Nintendo to the 'Famicom' that it is. Whether it sells bad or well in any given generation, it is the overall weaker platform to play on for what it offers. It's for children and out of touch adults, and even those people aren't getting the WiiU now. The evergreen Mario and Zelda fans are the minority. If they are ever the majority, then Nintendo is in trouble.