CD Projekt Red Behind the Scenes Video at SDCC 2014.

A video showing behind the scenes with the creators of the Witcher series CD Projekt Red at SDCC 2014

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Rainbowcookie3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

Shows no new gameplay footage so kinda sucks ... I have heard the video featured cliff climbing and diving from those set cliffs . Also you can dismember (not sure how that works on all models though.


The Witcher 3 devs are in on the hype, as Elden Ring DLC takes best-reviewed expansion crown

RED writes: "For the last 8 years, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine had the honor of being the best reviewed expansion for a role-playing game - but @ELDENRING
gets to wear that crown now. Congratulations to the entire team at @fromsoftware_pr on their stellar work!"

LoveSpuds1d 3h ago

Agreed, that was a very classy and respectful message.

sealava1d 10h ago

now make another The Witcher game! ... plz :)

Dirty_Lemons1d 2h ago

Classy and respectful, and yet they're wrong - Blood and Wine was and is the absolute pinnacle of what DLC should be.

TheColbertinator1d 2h ago

These are terrific expansions. Blood and Wine, Phantom Liberty, Shadow of the Erdtree, Old Hunters Far Harbor and Shivering Isles are experiences worthy of paid DLC.


Personalized Spatial Audio Coming to Cyberpunk 2077 with Immerse Gamepack

Embody's Immerse Gamepack Cyberpunk 2077, created in collaboration with the CD PROJEKT RED sound team, is set to take audio immersion to a whole new level! Get ready to dive deeper into Night City's soundscape than ever before.

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CDPR Confident In Transition To Unreal Engine 5 For New Witcher Game, Addresses Industry Layoffs

CD Projekt Red is confident in the transition from its in-house Red Engine to Unreal Engine 5 for the next Witcher game.

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cthulhucultist23d ago

My main concern with UE5, is that some developers have resorted to very low resolutions in order to enable the advanced feature set of this engine and sustain the frame rate.

In open world games, especially those with excellent graphics, we cant realistically expect 60fps  from consoles (PS5 pro set aside as we do not know exactly how performant it will be) without huge compromises.

Thus the new Witcher game will probably require more powerful consoles to experience it the way the developers intended and in that sense, it reminds me of Cyberpunk situation.

It was released in current gen systems albeit in dire state (even PS4 Pro and Xbox One X suffered) requiring next generation consoles to achieve a desirable (and still not ideal) result.

DarXyde23d ago

My thoughts exactly. This is definitely a PC engine first and foremost, given the compromises required on consoles. Tekken 8 is a **fighting game** on UE5 and, even without Nanite and Lumen, needs to be upscaled to 4K to run at a solid 60fps. The engine straight up dog walks current console hardware. I don't see this getting much better on a PS5 Pro either.

I don't see this game releasing this generation. If it wasn't Sony owned, I think Decima 2.0 would be an excellent engine for this game.

Aussiesummer23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I am quietly confident that they are going to make one hell of a jaw dropping witcher considering what they achieved with cyberpunk, i reckon they will bring a new level of what can be expected from ue5 BUT i reckon it will be a ps6/rtx 5090 game.