Subtitles Are Just As Good As Dubs

Armed Gamer: Recently Namco Bandai finally announced that Tales of Hearts R will finally be coming to America. Keep in mind this game was originally released as Tales of Hearts for the Nintendo DS in 2008 in Japan. It is now 2014, and Tales of Hearts R won’t even be out until next year. It’s taking a total of seven years for the game to come westward.

But then some more news broke about the game, and some Tales fans were none too happy. Namco Bandai announced that Tales of Hearts R would not be getting an English dub, and only include English subtitles to the original Japanese voice overs. Although I couldn’t have cared less, many fans in forums began bitching excessively about how messed up it was. No Tales game in the states has ever come over without an English dub before, so I can understand why people were sort of upset. However, to say they won’t buy the game was a little extreme in my opinion.

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blackblades1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Fail! Yeah the game came out on ds, but it was 2d. The vita version is a remake with 3d models which released in 2013 so yeah FAIL! This guy needs to do his job correctly and do his homework, hell if he was actually interested he would of known. Anyways from the part I read hes correct on the part where people taking it to extreme by not buying it cause its sub only which imo makes no sense, people these days have issues.

WilliamUsher1938d ago

I know this is probably against popular opinion, but I honestly hate dubbing... I really do. I would rather read subtitles and get the natural voice acting (whether it be a movie or a game) than have to cringe through someone dubbing through another actor/actress' performance with a nonchalant attitude.

For instance, try watching The Raid with dubbing, it goes from an intense, horror-themed action-thriller to a somewhat laughable action movie. I know the transition isn't as bad for games, but the natural voice acting from the region usually turns out better than most dubs (especially for Dynasty Warriors games).

randomass1711937d ago

Not all dubs are bad though. I don't want to read when I'm watching a movie or playing a video game. I appreciate it when the media in question gives the option for both so it satisfies everyone.

Yi-Long1937d ago

It's 2014: That option should always be included.

I absolutely refuse to buy games that don't have the original language. And I try to support those that do.

randomass1711937d ago

Same here. I don't like not having the original language option since I may want to see it to compare. Most anime releases now do have both though so that's good.

kreate1937d ago

Wish we can get some jrpgs w just subtitles added instead of developers spending money on dubbing.

Yi-Long1937d ago

... especially considering most English dubs are atrocious.

styferion1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

actually, it's the more popular opinion, I too prefer subtitles instead of a cringe-worthy dubbing, although I don't mind a good dub either.
Would be best if we can choose between dub/sub of course.

SaffronCurse1937d ago

Some dubs like in Hellsing Ultimate are far better than the Japanese voice overs. It really depends, but for the most part, subtitled delivers it best.

dcj05241937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

It depends. If the dubbing is anything less than good then i'll go sub. But if it's good like Persona 4,Metal Gear Solid or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood then I'll happily choose Dub over sub. It also depends on what you hear first. I heard FMA in Dub form first so at first I didn't like the sub but give it 15 minutes and you get used to it. So for me it's a case by case thing. Not I HATE ALL DUBS or DONT SPEAK ENGLISH? DONT GOT MY MONEY!That's just absurd.

Mr Pumblechook1937d ago

I'm sure a lot of folks would be happy if subtitles meant JRPGs came West without the long wait.

rainslacker1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

It's really hit or miss. The days where almost all dubs are horrendous are no more. There are quite a few dubs which are are much better than their Japanese counterpart.

And you're right. It's against popular opinion. Taking a look at Anime, which is the only comparable place I can look for this, dubs tend to be more popular among the general populace. People who would call themselves Anime fans however tend to prefer subs. I did for the longest time too, but I prefer to watch the Anime, not read it, so I'll go dub unless that dub is horrendous.

On a side note...For the most part, I wouldn't call any voice acting, "natural", since most characters are created long before their voice actor is cast. It's a cartoon, not a real actor they're dubbing over. English voice actors can be just as good, if not better than their Japanese counterparts...just the American ones don't typically get the fame their Japanese associates can.

Overall, the tales series on the PS3 games were well cast. Some of the Japanese versions of those characters were really freakin' annoying, whereas they weren't in the US versions....mostly.

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SpiralTear1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Not all dubs are bad, and if you think they are, you're being just as narrow-minded as the people boycotting the game because it has no English dub. People who bash dubs must be really new to anime and JRPGs, because lemme tell ya, things have gotten a LOT better since the days of the Ocean Group DBZ dub. Most official dubs I've seen are competent and stay true to the original dialogue and story. They are okay.

Sure, I've found myself watching subs more often than dubs these days, but these anti-dub idiots are being immature children who clearly didn't grow up back in the 90's, before anime and Japanese video games were mainstream enough to be worth taking seriously enough to be worth a real dub.

Seems weird that they're omitting an English dub after all the other Tales games got dubs, though.

rainslacker1937d ago

Dubs are actually expensive. I think Namco is looking to maximize the profit on this, and Vita is a risky venture to them. They may be basing it off the sales of Ys:MOC which sold about 50K in the US. It's enough to warrant a localization, but a dub would eat into a lot of the profits.

Dub would make more sense if they knew it would sell as much as a PS3 tales game, where people really wouldn't get it because of it being subbed, because most people who aren't into Anime would just prefer dubbed. Dubbed is the preferred method for selling to the mainstream. Subs are only there for the Anime fans. Luckily DVD allowing for both makes this much easier on the producers of Anime.

Otherwise, I was one of those people that grew up in the good ol' days of Robotech. Man, what a bastardization of story that was. When localized Anime was rare and I used to send off tapes to fan-subbers to get my anime fix. Buying a laserdisc player so I could get both the dub and sub version of titles(ironically many of the dubs were pretty good, even back then) When a games story or cultural references were completely changed to suit American audience(Working Designs FTW!!!).

I remember when Working Designs got a lot of heat for putting in western pop references to replace cultural references in the Lunar series. People swore off buying that game too because of it. It sold really well. Things haven't changed.

BTW, I'm indifferent to sub vs. dub. I watch dub more often than not unless it's casting is really bad. But for a game, I can read some subtitles, particularly on a Vita screen which is easy enough to see the art and subtitle at the same time.

STK0261937d ago

No they aren't. I'll take a good dub over any subs anytime. Notice I did say a good dub though. But I'm not mad or anything at the lack of dub for Tales of hearts R, I'm just happy it will make its way to NA. But I still feel a good dub is better than subs, and can also help the game reach a wider audience.

Fullmetalevolust1937d ago

The only reason why I'd favor subtitles is because I want to see these games released here.
The language barrier is what preventing me from buying some of the most interesting JRPGs and action/adventure games released in Japan that never set foot on western shores.
Reading text should not be an issue if that's the price to pay.

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