Buyer’s Remorse: Why I Regret Getting an Xbox One

Armed Gamer: I want to start of saying that I would not enjoy owning a PS4 as well. The problems I have with the Xbox One are shared with the PS4 and I would possibly regret owning the Sony console more. I will be giving my reasons for not liking both consoles in the course of this writing, and explaining why in my situation I am filled with Xbox One regrets.

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user14394141938d ago

I have NO regret in buying my PS4. The Xbox one I also do NOT regret because its amazing to use with my cable box plugged in.

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DirtyLary1937d ago

The Xbox one I also do NOT regret because its amazing to use with my cable box plugged in


quenomamen1938d ago

But, dat Cloud Powa !!!!!

MasterCornholio1938d ago

Is that sarcasm or are you being serious?

I can't tell with you but the previous comment is sarcastic.

CPTN MITCHELL1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

The dude is a cry baby....i play my ps4 everyday and I don't have anything to complain about

liquidhalos1938d ago

I had to stop reading half way through. The article is literally full of pathetic baby reasons for not liking anything. There should be a minimum legal age to write stuff on the Internet, that way we wouldn't get vomit like this on our screens

Neixus1938d ago

Sadly, there are alot of stupid adults aswell

extermin8or1938d ago

No minimum level of intelligence, not age.

ShowGun9011938d ago

sigh, this article is pathetic.

he says the xb1 has no games, forgetting to mention their biggest hype-train, titanfall.

he says the ps4 has no new features, forgetting about facebook, live from playstation streaming, sharefactory (free video editing program, woot woot!) and all those goodies.

please sell your xbone and quit our community forever!

(or at least never write again!)

jmac531938d ago

It sounds like the author needs to quit gaming since there is literally nothing that excites him about this current generation. I am super excited for the potential, having just played TLOU Remastered for the first time.

SaveFerris1938d ago

So the author packs a sad because the 'exclusive' games are just timed exclusives? Does he not know that this is standard operating procedure for Microsoft?

ExposingLames1938d ago

exactly lmao. ALL that money and they won't make a new IP. they will make HALO 5,435, but DON'T as them to make a new IP, just throw their money at multiplats or try to take other console's exclusives lmao. and that is why i never got on the XBOX train. I wanted to this gen....until they announced their console and their choices/vision for it. I'm good thanks. I'll stick to Last of us.

dansdooz1938d ago

did i miss something, when did they announce dead rising 3 was a timed exclusive?

MonstaTruk1938d ago

I'm not sure when they announced it,'s coming to PC, presumably.

Mega241938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Its already on PC, preodering it I mean, its scheduled for September.

Neixus1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Dead rising 3 runs at 30fps -locked- on PC. There's like no reason to even release it at that point.

30fps is fine for console, because of controller latency. But on pc, mouse/keyboard are so responsive that 30fps is really bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.