For Weekly Rentals, Playstation Now's Pricing is Reasonable

IGN: "PlayStation Now -- Sony's long-discussed streaming solution -- has officially entered open beta on PlayStation 4 starting today, and I was surprised, as I scrolled through the 122 games currently available, how reasonably priced many of these games are, specifically in the weekly rental category. (If you want to find PlayStation Now on your PS4, go to the PlayStation Store and scroll down to "PlayStation Now," the third option down from the bottom in the list on the left.)"

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DanielGearSolid1935d ago

I think they are

Idk about yall but I don't know anybody that plays a game longer than 90 days, especially an older title

Ripsta7th1934d ago

Been playing bf4 since launch

moodymofo1934d ago

I would imagine youve been playin bf4 online since launch ? Nobody is gonna want to stream an online game . And while i agree that some of the prices are a little rediculious , some are not and people also need to remember that now goes across alot of other devices where a guy can stream a game from his tv or tablet and not even own a console so the rental fees make more sence to those people rather than someone lokking for a backwards compatipilit solution

ltachiUchiha1934d ago

I think ppl are jumping to conclusions too quick, if we let our voices be heard prices will change when ps now releases. Its not even out yet so yall need to chill, plus what alot ppl dont understand is if EA's service succeeds, whats going to stop every other 3rd party dev from wanting to launch their own service? Then we as gamers wont be getting any free games period from Sony or MS & have to pay for all these different services just to play all these games.

Remember how PSN use to be free & XBL was a payed service? Because gamers didn't complain about paying for XBL Sony went on to do a similar thing & ps plus was born, I guarantee u nintendo's next system will have a paid service for online play. These things happen because gamers let it happen. My proof is all the 180's MS has made because of gamers standing der ground.

hiawa231934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Sony started charging cause it cost money to bring these services to you. I seriously doubt your assertion that they only did that cause Xbox gamers did not fuss about paying for Live is, well, I just don't agree with. Simple, this shiz cost money. The only reason MS made a 180 on the One was because of $$$$$. That is what motivates these companies. MS is no different than Sony or Nintendo in that regard.

spacedelete1934d ago

most games last gen weren't anything special except a very few. most last gen games were disposal garbage you would struggle playing once never mind twice or more.

also the best of last gen are getting remastered so why would anyone want to stream an obsolete game like FIFA 09 and rent it for 30 days ? Sony should never have bought Gakia because they are going to lose alot of money. its not even worth it even if they have a subscription.

G20WLY1934d ago


Look out everyone, this guy clearly knows his stuff...we should listen to him! /S

SpiralTear1934d ago

No apologism here. These prices are not reasonable and something needs to done to fix them before the full launch.

Cueil1934d ago

one would hope the market would correct it through capitalism

98xpresent1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Onlive sucks but this could be an abomination .

isarai1934d ago

Even a huge PS fan like myself can't agree to that, though the pricing is not final, it's pretty damn ridiculous when it's more than the cost of buying it yourself. I think they should price it as a sub fee, not as individual sales

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The story is too old to be commented.