Definitive Reasoning Why "The Last of Us Remastered" on the PS4 is Worth Your Time

The main reason they were able to hit that 1080p/60fps goal is because of the PS4′s power, and as Lead Programmer Jason Gregory said, “On PS3 we were scratching for every last kilobyte of memory that we could find to try to squeeze everything in. On the PS4 we have something on the order of like five times, ten times the amount of memory, it’s just a huge amount more.”

In fact, the PS4 is so powerful that they were able to have run The Last of Us up to 80fps, but as Druckmann explained, it wasn’t necessary.

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Thatguy-3101935d ago

The multi-player alone validated my purchase for the game again. That's a true gem. The matches are just intense and fun to play. Seeing how DlC is still being worked on I truly hope they bring modes where it's death match and runners/clickers get released through the match.

XiNarutoUzumaki1935d ago

Agree. Naughty Dog has made one the best MP of all time. It's very tactical and requires team work. No COD or bro shooter archetype. That's why I love it. And, Grounded mode is awesome. I'm actually playing realistic: no reticle, no hints, no UI, no tutorials, everything is off. The game is even harder that way. It's fun!

The multiplayer was the reason I bought this game again, and I've been playing it since lauch with 4 of my friends. It's really fun. Got my money worth.

Good Job Naughty Dog

LOGICWINS1934d ago

Is Grounded Mode unlocked from the start? I played on normal mode on the PS3 version and I enjoyed it immensely but I felt it was too forgiving.

Never had any trouble finding weapons/items. I always had more stuff tha n I needed.

kneon1934d ago


Grounded was unlocked for me, though I don't know if it checked my trophy history to see if it should unlock or whether it's unlocked for everyone right from the start.

spacedelete1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

why are you lying for ? everyone knows you and your troll account don't play games. you just spend all of your day on a gaming website trying to be the first commenter.

XiNarutoUzumaki1934d ago


I'm getting real tired of your shiet. Seriously, you should come up with something else or stay on topic rather than attacking me every time. Me and Sasuke aren't the same person. And I think he got banned :(

And yes. I play games. Otherwise, i wouldn't be in this website. Shut up!

objdadon1934d ago

Lol! Grounded mode is kicking my ass!

LOGICWINS1934d ago

Thanks Kneon. Im excited to replay the game but I want a frustratingly brutal experience this time around.

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fr0sty1934d ago

Half of the articles on N4G these days are people telling you why you should or should not like something.

towelie12881934d ago

multiplayer is fun but after beating this game twice on PS3,
it just gets boring the 3rd time but i am already pretty far in it again and playing a harder setting. the game looks really good though especially at those forest setting missions
might take a little longer to beat it a third time. either way my PS4 hasn't got much playing time lately so this will do just fine....Great game none the less

MysticStrummer1934d ago

There's no such thing as definitive reasoning why a game is worth anyone's time except yours.

MasterCornholio1934d ago

The reasons for me.

1. Never played it before.
2. Its an improved version of the game.
3. Its a fantastic game.
4. All the DLC included.

I dont see any reason for me not to buy it.


It rounds out a libary u have your sports games shooting games etc and a survival horror games is needed...

After warching a few walking deads, heck theres no substitute!

I love the last of us..

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The story is too old to be commented.