Editorial: Does The Advanced Warfare Hype Seem...Light?

At about this time during any given year, the new Call of Duty scheduled for the fall is hogging the spotlight. Not so much this year, though. Why?

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-Foxtrot1934d ago

Probably because people are fiunally realising that it's most likely going to be the same game at it's core yet again and that there money is most likely better off spent on better games coming out roughly the same time.

CODallday1933d ago

Nope. It's because ghost was so bad nobody wants to get excited. If it's good it will be the no1 played game on PSN and XBL respectively.

TomShoe1933d ago

I don't agree with either of you. Even though it shouldn't, Call of Duty will continue to sell gangbusters. It's because of the casual gamer or "dudebro" that buys COD, but doesn't go on gaming sites like us core gamers do. The hype is there, but it's silent.

DeadlyOreo1933d ago

TomShoe has a point. Cod is quite a casual game (pick up & play) and most casuals don't follow these kinds of sites. Cod will sell heaps, there's no point thinking it won't.

fattyuk1933d ago

Also (IMO) whats there to get hyped about as cod is pretty standard now:

1) Poor short interactive cutscenes main campaign (with Kevin spacey)
2) Multiplayer
3) Season pass (4 map packs, Xbox live first)

What else is there to get "hyped" about or even write/talk about? NOTHING

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700p1933d ago

This franchise is going downhill so of course the hype is down. The better days are behind us with cod.

weekev151933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I think its time for it to go old school. World war 1 would be my preference. Trench to trench sometimes without a gun so you need to look for a dead comrade in the hope he had a gun before struggling down to the enemy lines.

All this modern crap is ironically getting old.

SaveFerris1933d ago

Paths of Glory and All Quiet on the Western Front as an FPS

_LarZen_1933d ago

I think the game looks awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.