PlayStation Now is a Trainwreck

From the article, "[Dan Seitz's] experience with PlayStation Now’s beta is, I think, representative of what a lot of people think of the service. I logged in, I looked at the prices, and once I was done laughing, I logged out, never to return. Seriously, who does Sony think they’re kidding?"

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XiNarutoUzumaki1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

The hyperbole is strong in this one.

Abash1592d ago

I really don't understand the people judging PlayStation Now in it's beta status. We have yet to see the subscription options or the finalized pricing.

We should appreciate the fact that Sony is giving us the option and ability to play PS3 games on PS4 when neither of the two latest next gen consoles are capable of playing games from last gen through backwards compatibility.

AngelicIceDiamond1591d ago

Can anyone admit when Sony's wrong at fault on this site?

donthate1591d ago

*We should appreciate the fact that Sony is giving us the option and ability to play PS3 games on PS4 when neither of the two latest next gen consoles are capable of playing games from last gen through backwards compatibility.*

Just as we should appreciate Sony stop us from getting the incredibly valued EA Access!

I guess with PS Now, we can just vote with our wallet as in if I want to keep my wallet, I ain't renting on PS Now!

forcefullpower1591d ago

I dont get why people are attacking sony over this. They have already said the prices are set by the publishers. Should you not be attacking ea, activision for giving you bad prices.

Hopefully the subscription prices will be better.

Spotie1591d ago

They think they see a chink in Sony's armor, so they're going full force.

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gemini21592d ago

Lol what r they thinking all the momentum ps4 has is about to be lost..Subscription based or it fails no way around it also needs better and more recent titles

DVS-Zev1592d ago

It's day 2 of the open BETA.
Must you be so over dramatic?

Ripsta7th1591d ago

It was in closed beta for like 4 months or so, but the games were free of charge. They should have went with the same option so people can feel what it will play like before spending

Silly gameAr1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Oh, another one of these articles. I wonder how many of these articles can be approved in one day. Even the comments are starting to look the same.

pwnsause_returns1592d ago

its not a trainwreck, i just got off playing FFXIII, no hitches or anything, very very minimal Lag input and a great quality image as well.

the flaw in PS Now are the price points. they're dumb. allowing the publishers to control the pricing on it is just as dumb.

When i saw this for the first time, i thought of future of how this could be the netflix of gaming. This needs would make people happier if it had a good subcription service, all you can play gaming buffet for less than $20 a month. put it at $15 and you got me.

but right now with all of these individual prices, its not good at all. i mean, would you really play a RPG for 4 hours at around $4.00? LOL

thejigisup1591d ago

$4.00 To get four hours isn't terrible I've definitely rented something and returned our when I was done redbox was like this, and truthfully anyone thinking these prices are going to stick is crazy. The beta Is still ongoing the numbers they receive will help tweak it. Price and bugs aside. I've spent twenty bucks on it so far and I don't feel cheated for the experience that I was granted. To each his own.

Godmars2901592d ago

Regardless of what anyone says, what's going to matter is how PSNow is actually received. If enough people spend the money.

MegaRay1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I think PSNow is focusing more on casuals than hardcore gamers. So i wouldnt be surprised if there will be lot people who'll rent some games once this service release on TVs and PSTV

donthate1591d ago

Actually, the devices that run PS Now other than the consoles are going to be mostly Android devices. Android devices can often times play games from the Android market for free!

Casuals will play those instead and not deal with the laggy and video compression artifact filled experience!

Pillsbury11591d ago

It's a new uncharted (see what I did there?) service, there are still adjustments to make when it comes to any new service. Prices will hopefully be better when they see where people are buying.

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