Destiny WILL Be Coming To PC And Steam Under Publisher Activision

SteamFirst: Bungies upcoming title, Destiny has had a lot of the hype lately as well as it should. Until now, my excitement was a bit dulled just because it was said that the game would be console exclusive. Today, we know differently and the fire of excitement has been set ablaze within me.

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XiMasterChief2514d ago

After they receive all the console sales cash!!!!

Future_20152514d ago

ya screw that im gonna get it cheaper for pc and play it at on my 4k monitor at 60fps hopefully

Razputin2514d ago

Yea stop lying.

Maybe on a 4k POS monitor @30FPS.

But I hear you though, I'll get this for PC as well. I pre-ordered the White Destiny bundle PS4, but I'll sell it. I did the PS3 beta, and good lord did that look like a giant piece of !!!!.

ZoyosJD2514d ago


4k Monitors/TVs have significantly dropped in price.

28-in 60hz 4k monitors can be had for $500.

50-in 60hz 4k tvs can be had for $1200.

The necessary PC hardware may push 4k60 out of most individuals price range, but it is no longer a completely outlandish expenditure that it was 2 years ago.

AndrewLB2514d ago

ZoyosJD- nVidia is going to be releasing the GTX 880 in September and it should be around $500 and considering most people think it's going to be about 20-25% faster than the current GTX 780 Ti, it will more than be able to do 4k gaming. I run most games on my 780ti at 4k downsampled to 1200p and they run great.

FriedGoat2514d ago

28 inch? don't think i could ever play on a screen that small again.

Neixus2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

I'm just telling you, i have two 780 TI's in SLI mode, which is one of the best cards at the market and i have two of it. Yet i still can't run many games at 60+ fps on 4k. It's close, but not quite there yet. On most games i probably got around 45-50fps

Stop trying to be such a pc elitist, especially when it's a high chance that i got a much better pc than you ;)

I agree with the rest though, the fps on the beta for ps4 was kinda dissapointing, I hope they stabilize it!

SilentNegotiator2513d ago

If it even comes to PC. This is a rumor after all.

Oagoz2513d ago

You are the reason why people hate the "Pc Master Race"

stragomccloud2513d ago

Don't mind the haters. They're just jealous. PS4 gamers are all about trash talking the performance of their system compared to Xbone, but the moment PC comes into the argument, they call US arrogant. Oh fanboys.

If only you could see how pc gaming truly opens up the gaming experience.

ChronoJoe2513d ago

Given that they provide no source for the quote, and it reads like it was written by a child, I would be very careful making any future plans based on this information. There's considerable reason to doubt it's legitimacy.

It's also from steam first, a publication with plenty of reason to be biased towards news of this sort.

Dynasty20212513d ago

4K is a joke. To get 60 FPS at 4K, you need a MINIMUM of 2 GTX Titans.

That's like £1500 for the cards alone.

What does make me laugh is people think the PS4 will do 4K, when you need a £400+ card just to get above 10 FPS.

Vegamyster2513d ago


You shouldn't be buying Titans if you're only using them for Gaming, two GTX 780 Ti's or a R9 295x2 would be cheaper and give you better performance.

showtimefolks2513d ago


its comments like these that people dislike pc gamers.

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HystericalGamez2514d ago

Lol @Razputin hating pretty hard.

If the game's resolution goes up to 4k and he has a rig that can run it, whats stopping him from doing so? And a POS 4k display? Go on best buy and see if you can find a POS 4k display.

I'll wait.

And 30? No. If this is coming to PC, it'll support 60 FPS+.

AndrewLB2514d ago

I wouldn't consider the new Dell Ultrasharp UP2414Q which does 4k/60 and costs $799 anything but an amazing display. I own 2x Ultrasharp 24" displays (1200p) and they are incredible monitors.

Razputin2513d ago

I'm not hating. The hardware isn't really there yet believe me. And a post above you proves it.

Jughead34162513d ago

It's not coming to PC anytime soon, so if you can wait about a year then more power to you. I'm gettin this bad boy day 1 though. I do know the disappointment when a popular game isn't coming to your system right away though.

XiMasterChief2513d ago

Nobody gives a shizzle about what you're getting Day 1.

Jughead34162513d ago

I give a shizzle. You kinda sound like a hater. Don't hate.

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Wyesvin2514d ago

I have a ps4 but i'll still wait for the pc version

JackOfAllBlades2514d ago

I wish I could transfer my character from PS4 to PC, make it happen Bungie!

Haki11122514d ago

well I hope so I have no problem going from One > 360 > to ps4 and my chars was still there

thisismyaccount2514d ago

I will have a white PS4+Destiny and no buts, ifs or waits, i´m gonna play destiny on the console. 28" versus 65" plasma or beamer... it´s an easy choice to me... sometimes the bigger, the better ;)

wtopez2513d ago

Yeah cause you can't connect a PC to a Plasma...

TheRealTedCruz2513d ago

That's fantastic, but a PC can be setup to a television you know.

Neixus2513d ago

I don't really get why you guys disagree with him, a completely neutral comment about PC, this is once in a lifetime guys.

I will maybe buy it on ps4 to play with my friends, then later on grab it on pc for my own enjoyment.

TardcoreGamer2513d ago

With you on that one, Wyesvin. A 30fps PS4 version was reason enough to wait for the PC version. 30fps is a deal-breaker in my book. Especially when it comes to first person shooters.

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the_mack_attack32514d ago

I think they wanted to see the pre-order numbers before making a solid decision on a PC version!

Spurg2514d ago

I wanna wait for pc but March is when uni work gets heavy...The beta made me want to play it as soon as it releases.

Vegamyster2514d ago

Where did they get that quote from?

SteamFirst2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Anonymous, but reliable source :) Just the answer you wanted to hear I am sure.

Darkstares2514d ago

I don't doubt it will come to the PC, but until it does why bother suggesting it is without confirmation like the title says?

ZoyosJD2514d ago

For your sake you best hope your "reliable source" didn't misinterpret anything at all, because this is absolutely the biggest story/rumor I've seen from your site.

This may very well be your trial by fire.

Best of luck with your site.

jdiggitty2514d ago

That's a BS quote and you know it.

"the console release will be called 0.9"

Right. They're going to just verbally crap all over everyone's hard work like that. I call BS

Kayant2514d ago

Loooool yh right this rumor is based on the fake leak from kdramastars with added console flamebait.

fallacious2513d ago

By anonymous source, do you mean yourself?

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Shaner_Bock2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

This is why people need to stay away from sites like this..."Anonymous, but a reliable source....?" And what about SteamFirst, are they reliable?

So, if it's officially announced that it will come out for Steam, then the author is right and if it doesn't the author's "reliable" source is no longer reliable. The author can get away with this article whether or not the "source" is legitimate or even real.

But I digress; The most important thing is if Red Dead Redemption will ever come to PC.

admiralvic2514d ago

Smart money says the author or someone on Steam First made it up. It reads in a way that is obviously intended to invoke reaction (like noting the console version is a beta) and not how typical insider information reads. If it was a legitimate quote it would be far more vague and most likely have more information on the situation than the game itself.

N311V2514d ago

Exactly my thought. I frequent Bengie's Destiny forum and there's not even a whisper of a PC release. Coming here was the first I've heard of it. This quote certainly hasn't come from Bungie although it's made to sound official.

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