Bungie Weekly Update - 08/01/2014


This week at Bungie, we put the Destiny Beta into millions of players’ hands.

No easy feat. You all kicked mountains of ass. While you battled aliens and each other, we learned a lot about how things work behind the scenes. We discovered even more by watching you fight and win and die and revive.

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Grave1935d ago

Those are some impressive numbers. 853,235 players during the stress test is awesome. This game's launch is going to be a big one.

ArchangelMike1934d ago

What I want to know is if/when/what feedback Bungie will be implemented from the beta. They're not saying anything about one of the most requested fetures - communication options, and that worries me slightly.

BiggerBoss1935d ago

WOW! The Destiny Beta had more concurrent players than any of the Halo games. That's a pretty impressive feat in and of itself

cl19831935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

It was also on 4 times as many platforms. I'd like to see a break down against a good cod or battlefield.

thejigisup1935d ago

I agree, however the key word you used was good. Joking aside, it's gonna be tough to convert some off those site hard military fps gamers. I think launch will definitely surprise a lot off people even though numbers are expected to be high. The hype train barely started on this game and its only going to grow once the game launches.

cl19831935d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Buy Good I meant not a bug filled released.

BiggerBoss1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Regardless, this is just a beta (not even the final game) and it had more players at one time than Halo 3 which sold well over 12 million copies. I don't see how nearly a million concurrent players ISNT impressive

The Meerkat1934d ago

When Halo 3 was released on night 1 I remember the online player count in the menus saying it was well over 1 million.

BiggerBoss1934d ago

According to Bungie, Destiny had more concurrent players. I do remember hearing the million figure for halo 3 though, I think that might have been daily players?

fOrlOnhOpe571934d ago

Really enjoyed the beta of my first Bungie game. Pre-order ready for September.