Why Destiny Will be the Biggest Disappointment of 2014

Matt Trovalli of Gamers Heroes writes:

Like many others, I was fortunate enough to get into the Destiny beta test last week. I have been hyped on Destiny for a very long time and have followed all of the development but after the public beta. However, I was extremely disappointed. Destiny was not the “game of the future” like the hype would have suggested. In this case, hype got players hopes way too high. There are a few fundamental issues with Destiny that are too big to fix this late in the development process. Issues so big, they could definitely be a turn off. Here’s why I didn’t enjoy Destiny.

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700p3101d ago

I dont think anything could top watchdogs.

Anthotis3100d ago

Definitely well said.

I'll always regret wasting money on Watch Dogs.

Azmatik3100d ago

I vote titanfall the biggest flop/disappointment hype train for this year.

ForgivenZombie3100d ago

Titanfall and Watch Dogs are neck and neck, imo.

harrisk9543100d ago

Infamous? A disappointment? I know that it's your opinion, but that's just silly!

XBLSkull3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Personally for me it's the Last of Us remaster. It hasn't lived up to the hype and mass of GotY awards. It's not a BioShock that is for sure. Apparently it's just me though.

Watchdogs for sure, but Bungie definitely has not created a Halo caliber game with Destiny. But since it releases in September it'll be a great game to tie us over for a couple months till the mass of fall games descend upon us. That is for those of us who aren't tied up in some good ol' Diablo 3.

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SCW19823101d ago

Agreed. I really wish Ubisoft would get rid of that IP and go back to what really matters. THE PRINCE!

HammadTheBeast3100d ago

I wish they'd make a sidescrolling Prince of Persia completely loaded with graphics and gameplay.

NarooN3100d ago

Dude...Prince of Persia on PS2/Xbox/GC were just amazing. So much fun to play.

FanboyKilla3100d ago

lol all ps comments that are positive get agrees negative disagrees. you all are pathetic. it would definitely be any one from sony exclusive line up. kill zone, knack. lol ill play watch dogs before those. lol you guys are funny. xbox go to titanfall.

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JonnyBigBoss3100d ago

Not to me. Watch Dogs was awesome. Destiny, unless something drastic changes before release, is going to bore me.

Brix903100d ago

You bore shh grown men are

vishmarx3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

the lack of content has really disappointed me,i wasnt in it for the pvp and think im gonna wait till a special edition with a few expansions comes out

joab7773100d ago

Destiny will not disappoint. Once policy level cap and reach endgame, the addiction will kick really kick in...and political will b hooked...guaranteed.

DigitalHope3100d ago

So is hating Destiny the new cool thing to do? I'd rather be lame and enjoy one hell of a game.

UnHoly_One3100d ago

Passive, it's always cool to hate big games.

It was cool to hate Titanfall, it was cool to hate Watch Dogs, now it's cool to hate Destiny.

I'm personally kickin it old school and hating The Last of Us.

extermin8or3100d ago

No one hated on the last of us save for some fanboys that couldn't play it. Because it was the underdog a 1st party, new IP releasing in the final 6 months of a consoles life. It was expected to sell well and review ok but people did't quite expect it todo aswell as it did.

NarooN3100d ago


Just because people "hate" on a game doesn't mean they're doing it just to be cool, like UnHoly seems to be doing, which is nothing more than just being a hipster. At least people here have listed legitimate reasons as to *why* they're hating on said games.

It's a *fact* that Destiny is already immensely over-hyped, just like Titanfall and Watch_Dogs were. Both of those games didn't live up to the (admittedly impossible) levels of hype the idiotic drones heaped upon them, and neither will Destiny. Now whether or not one thinks Destiny will be good or not...that's a personal problem for the individual, one I won't comment on.

bloodybutcher3099d ago

Yeah, i preordered destiny, got the beta, played it and cancelled my preorder...hehe, bit ironic, is it not? It was fun for about two days, that's it. DCUO is more fun for me.

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ITPython3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I actually had a ton of fun in the Destiny beta, and within that week I easily put in over 40 hours of gameplay (even with such limited content available).

I can't wait for Sept 9th when all the worlds are unlocked as well as all the levels, weapons and other upgradable things. Not to mention I only tried the Warlock, so I still have two other classes to explore and level up as well.

As long there is a heavy player presence in Destiny (nobody wants a ghost town when going into social areas) the game is going to be massively successful and popular. Personally I love the grinding aspect of it, I love leveling up, getting new stuff unlocking new powers etc etc. It gives me a really good reason to play aside from the gameplay itself.

Back in the beta as I loaded up the game I always thought to myself "So what do I want to accomplish/upgrade/do today?" and I LOVE that aspect of it.

Oh and I actually really enjoy Watch Dogs, aside from the sub-par graphics it is quite fun.

mixolydian_id3100d ago

Halo reach was their last game

The levelling up/upgrading style of play is way more rewarding then simply gaining credits and buying a new helmet.

Akarogg 3100d ago

Agreed. Advice for developers: Ignore these articles.

Mutant-Spud3100d ago

I played a lot of Defiance with the sound turned off and music playing through the headset, if I have the money to buy Destiny it'll be the same. The leveling,trying different character builds and the loot are the point of these games for me, I don't care about the story or social elements.

1nsaint3100d ago

Warms my heart knowing all of you are looking forward to my birthday :)

N4Flamers3099d ago

This article is the reason they should not let idiots into the beta. His complaints about the game can be null and void with the release.

First he complains about the spider tank being a repetitive fight. He says that all you do is shoot it for 30 minutes. Well thats your problem. Youre supposed to take out the legs to expose the neck, you can also shoot off the machine gun. It's 8 minutes tops if you pay attention (look for critical damage)

He complains about the classes being the same yet corrects himself and says they have different abilities. What is he complaining about then? I played all three to level 8 and prefer the warlock. He relies on grenades and having a low cool down. I mean this article will be pointless once the game is out.

Im not saying I believe destiny is perfect. Here's an actual problem that could be upsetting. Raids have no matchmaking and there are no in game guilds. That leaves you with the option of going online somewhere to get a group of 5 other people to play online at the same time for a few hours.

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showtimefolks3100d ago

destiny Beta bored me, i am still gonna wait for final release. But destiny isn't gonna live up to my personal hype

mass effect

this is how i thought of Destiny

from the beta: this is what i actually got,

not any affects like mass effect(no pun intended)
and some minor mixtures of borderlands

Destiny is basically halo without master chief

BiggerBoss3100d ago

Did you even play Destiny?? Or halo for that matter? They really don't play that much alike. Especially the multiplayer pvp in Destiny is NOTHING like Halos mp

InTheLab3100d ago


Dude the MP is EXACTLY like Halo except that ADS is more prominent.

Dark_Overlord3100d ago

TBH that's what I thought, the game seems to similar to Halo in how it feels and plays (I didn't say content). To me this feels like where Bungie wanted to take Halo but couldn't.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a bad game just it isn't for me.

Skizelli3100d ago

My initial thought was Halo + Borderlands as well, but Halo's gunplay is actually better and Borderlands has a bigger variety of randomly generated weapons. Granted, I only played the Alpha.

That all being said, I'm still looking forward to it.

millgate13100d ago


Ehh....if you were to compare one thing in Destiny to Halo, it would be the PvP. Extremely similar.

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GoGoGadge73100d ago

i Know you are are hoking. and ive had one too many and just back from the villag.e... but thats the funniest shit ive'e ever read. shit. its 3:30am... dammit.


Hardcore_gamerxbox3100d ago

Watch dog is so much better than boring destiny

Neo Nugget3100d ago

Different strokes, bro.

I personally didn't like Destiny and enjoyed Watch Dogs, but everyone likes different things.

troylazlow3100d ago

I tried the Beta, didn't do anything for me.

I may also be in the minority, but I'm glad I was able to play it before spending money on it. Open Betas will either make it or break it for a game these days. Some of my friends loved it, but to me it was disappointing.

diehardmetallicafan3100d ago

totally agree. i think ill be cancelling my pr-order after playing the beta. it was not that impressive at all to me. maps and enemies were repetitive, loot was scarce and the missions and story sucked. ah well, now i only have to pay off my pre order of the order 1886 for now.

Major_Glitch3100d ago

@700p Agreed! Watch Dogs was a horrible disappointment. Just traded it in for TLOU Remastered.
OT: Looking forward to Destiny! I'm pretty sure it won't live up to all the hype, but I still believe the game will be great fun. Had a blast in the beta.

TheXgamerLive3100d ago

Its definately a dissapointment bc it was made to play on last gen.consoles so your looking at a game thats technically already old. Halo 5 will be the game that Destiny hoped to be HOWEVER:) Destiny will still be fun bc its a bungie game and a last gen Halo w/a slight modification.
If made for this gen Xbox One & PS4 only, then we'd of seen a different more open Destiny:)

Baccra173100d ago

I though Titan Fall had that wrapped up but I guess you're right.

derkasan3099d ago

I'm with you on that one. It's becoming harder and harder to find a game, so I know we're not the only ones who feel this way.

ThatOneGuyThere3100d ago

i loved watch dogs... probably one of the best next gen games so far. and actually felt like a next gen game.

abstractel3100d ago

I don't feel it felt like a next/current-gen game. AC Unity looks like a proper next/current-gen game, so does Batman Arkham Knight, COD Advanced Warfare, Driveclub, Dragon Age, Witcher 3 and The Order. Infamous Second Son didn't play like a current-gen game but it was gorgeous and enjoyable -- way better looking than WD. WD felt like a last-gen PC game (like a multiplatform last-gen game but played with PC bells and whistles, example Tomb Raider). I enjoyed it, but it wasn't a true current-gen game.

ThatOneGuyThere3099d ago

I guess i should clarify. The visuals, i understand your point. There however, has never been an open world game like that where you can interact with your environment on that level. It was like GTA on speed. freaking awesome. all of the games you listed have not come out yet, and are only impressive VISUALLY. I said, "felt like a next gen game". big difference.

abstractel3100d ago

Watch Dogs was fun. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It wasn't a "10" but not every game can be. It wasn't a disappointment to me because I don't form high expectations unless I've played a game.

Destiny beta was great fun and I'm really looking forward to playing through the campaign and public events. Don't get all the hate on this particular site.

PR0X13100d ago

You are disappointed that Titanfall did not come to PS4 that is all. If it was exclusive the the PS4 you all would have circle jerked how it's the best game ever made.

VegasDawg3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

What about that 10 hour game that only lasted a weekend, Infamous? Oh that's right this is a Sony fanBOY sight. Even though Sony ripped you off it was a feel good rip off because they can do no wrong.

C-H-E-F3100d ago

I say...
#1 Titanfall
#2 Watch Dogs
#3 Destiny

2 of the three games buzz lasted for a new york minute upon release, with Destiny's gameplay and story I don't see it lasting any longer either. The game just looks Great IMO.

3-4-53099d ago

Yea Watchdogs already earned that.

Some might say Titanfall as well, but that game actually turned out kind of ok.

Watchdogs was beyond generic.

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gangsta_red3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I think Destiny will be a huge disappointment. A lot of people are putting a lot on this game for no reason at all. the beta was lackluster and that is a good indication the game will too.

Also the whole PvP has the same number of teams Titanfall did. Which if I am not mistaken set this and other websites on mad fuel fire. And yet this game gets a pass?

admiralvic3101d ago

"Also the whole PvP has the same number of teams Titanfall did. Which if I am not mistaken set this and other websites on mad fuel fire. And yet this game gets a pass?"

For one thing, TItanfall doesn't have single player and is completely dependent on strong pvp to sell (unlike Destiny). Titanfall also had a lot of bots and worthless things going on in the background, which some people mistook for larger numbers than were actually available and thus problems came into play. Especially since I would be willing to bet a large number of people would gladly trade the bots 4+ more human players.

Spurg3100d ago

I've had this discussion too many was a design decision which allowed the game to be more balanced and allow the player to call in their titan any time they want.

Evilsnuggle3100d ago

First off i have been hating on destiny for long time saying its going to flop hard . But i played the beta and i surprising liked destiny and i dislike first person shooters I like third person perspective personally . I played one game of PVP and I hated it but liked the co op play and community online muiltplayer of destiny i hope that the division takes the same approach a living online muiltplayer feel . I think word of mouth and positive press and news could help sales wise for destiny .

Yui_Suzumiya3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

But Titanfall has no real story or progression like Destiny. Titanfall is essentiallyjust like a $15 downloadable multiplayer game with no story substance.

ErcsYou3101d ago

Nobody really cared about 6 vs 6 but everybody cared about hating on Titanfall.

I thought the beta was awesome and I am very excited for Sept 9.. Good bye diabolo 3, hello Destiny..

Dirtnapstor3100d ago

Don't know about a goodbye to D3, but hello Destiny is definitely in order! I liked it, looked good and played well, so it'll only get better upon release. People confuse betas as full fledged demos. It's the mystery of ignorance I guess.

InTheLab3100d ago

Then you weren't paying attention. 6v6 would be perfect for pilot on pilot like everyone wanted but no.

Everyone hated the lack of content. Few modes, weapons, titans, and filled with bots.

People hated the amount of unjustified hype. People hated how certain sites were calling that game the second coming when all it was was a decent overpriced mp only shooter.

Spurg3100d ago

The beta gave a very brief taste of what you can expect from the game.

About the Pvp...Although I would love more players, 6v6 is ideal for Titanfall. Similar to how Halo is best play in 4v4 team slayer. Destiny will work best as a 6v6, its similar to team slayer.

LAWSON723100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

"Halo is best play in 4v4 team slayer"

Just no.
Yes 4v4 is ideal for true competitive Halo gaming, however Team Slayer is far from the best competitive playlist. Real teams play objectives. Halo is great for many reasons online. The game offers the more lenient 8v8 BTB which is just a blast at times and most custom gametypes are best with a whole game full of people.

The ideal Halo playlist is nothing because the variety in the game offers plenty superb gametypes and player counts that each have there own reason for playing them. Many games could learn a thing or two from Halo especially when it offers much more than a game that is literally only MP.

I have friends that would call BTB, action sack, team objective, and Team SWAT the best playlists, and that is because the game is variety at its finest and allows you to pick what playlist makes Halo fun for you

1nsaint3100d ago

agreed lawson, halo 3 custom games was amazing, definitely the most fun i had in a game ever.
creating your own map and own mini games and playing on it with 15 friends was tons of fun.

Big team was also great (especially Big Team Heavy) and i hope to see it return along with Free for All

Hellsvacancy3100d ago

I've complained about 6vs6, no double standards here

Darkstares3100d ago

I too have concerns for the game as far as enemies go. It looks and plays very slick and polished even for a beta. There's still a lot of unanswered questions about the game so I will take a wait and see approach first.