Why the PlayStation Now 4-Hour Pricing is Actually a Good Deal

SonyRumors: PlayStation Now allows for 4-hour, 7-day, 30-day, and 90-day rentals that range in price but the 4-hour rentals, priced between $2.99 and $4.99, might be the real gem.

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bebitech1934d ago

That's actually an interesting point

aceitman1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I think its not bad , I dare anyone go to an arcade and tell me they didn't spend 5 dollars in 30 minutes , if u don't like that option then they have a better one that 5-15$ for 30 days , now are u going to complain about spending to little for what u got with 30 days , no so suck it up its an option and still in beta form . and some games can be beaten in 1-4 hrs anyway. they are for u to play for that time period , if u need more time u should have gotten the longer time period for a better price.

TFJWM1934d ago

I think the prices are a little high but the one thing people never talk about it is that you don't need a system for this. If you buy a new Sony TV or a PS TV you will be able to play these games with PS Now. I think that is the real market Sony is going for

KonsoruMasuta1934d ago

You do realize that arcade games are a different animal, right?

They are designed to take as much money from you as possible! When you end up comparing a rental service to an arcade, you know you are about to be severely ripped off.

DeadMansHand1934d ago

Agreed. I think the upper tier are even better. 30 days for 15 bucks. That's .50 a day. I can beat most so games in a week and that's because I rush knowing I have to get it back to redbox asap. With this, i have a month and the total cost is 15 bucks. If I buy a game that is a little old is usually 45 bucks or so. This works great for those titles I don't plan on buying day 1 but still want to check out.

BattleTorn1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

So basically you guys are saying - gamers, we already get far too much entertainment value (hours/$) out of our hobby, compared to other options.

We should stop being so greedy - we'll still get more bang for our buck than at the movie theatres.

Basically - shut up, we have it too good?

While we're at it - we've got far too many rights & freedoms - let's give some of those up too.

SilentNegotiator1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Arcades are endangered for a reason, ya know.

But for $3 for 4 hours, there are lots of short games that I could complete for $3-6. I wouldn't touch ANY of the $5 for 4 hours games, though.

donthate1933d ago

This is so blatantly stupid logic. You know, a free game on android is what gazillion times better than any $60 game, because hey, you weren't out $60!

You compare apples to as close to an apple as possible. Example, you can buy a game for $15 or rent it for 4-hour access for $5. Does that sound a good deal to you?

In comparison, a movie I rent at RedBox cost me a $1 maybe $2 if it is super duper Blu-Ray, and the same movie bought new at release is $20. With RedBox I have a chance of finishing the movie quite comfortably, and with the game, I likely played a third!

Now of course PS Now has the convenience factor that might raise the price a little, but I don't see this as a good deal any way you swing it. At best it might be "fair" in SOME instances.

I wonder how many here will actually use this service regularly instead of just claiming it is a good deal?

troylazlow1933d ago

But you don't spend $400 to get into said arcade, nor do you need to have internet to. In my opinion 4 hours should only cost you $0.99 (the magic price for apple)

wampdog291933d ago

But, you didn't throw down money for the arcade hardware though did you???

GordonKnight1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I only see it being a value for new releases on PS4. Also, what determines when your 4 hours are up? Is it 4 hours of gameplay time or just 4 hours from time of rental purchase?

I mean if I'm playing a rental game and than dinner is ready I'm not going to wait until the rental is over to eat. I would pause the game go eat and come back and finish playing.

Also, to compare it to going to the movies is not a fair comparison, because I don't have an iMax at my house.

It would work with a subscription service with 4 different tiers.

Lowest - Highest
PS1 games only $3.99 monthly
PS2 games only $4.99 monthly
PS3 games only $7.99 monthly *excluding crossgen PS4 games
PS1, PS2 & PS3 games $14.99 monthly.*excluding crossgen PS4 games


Sony I'm looking for a marketing job!

Chrischi19881933d ago

Still stupid pricing. But I didnt expect people to be angry about it, because Sony can do no wrong.

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lelo1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Got to love these articles that try to convince people that PS Now's pricing is a wonderful deal. I'm sure they will convince some fools out there with a lot of money to spare. Fanboys will excuse anything.

The only way that I would even consider touching PS Now is if it was free access with PS+.

The problem is that I only have a PS4, so I only get 2 games every month, and until now, PS4 offerings have been crap. Sony could offer 60 PS3/Vita games a month and it wouldn't help me one bit.... so yes, Sony should be offering me more with my PS4's PS+ account. Free access to PS Now would be a good idea.

Brien1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Free with PlayStation Plus? That's just silly. So now, in addition to the free games you get every month (6 titles across three platforms, giving you 72 games to play with a year of Plus), you want to be able to play EVERY PlayStation Now game -- FOR FREE?

Tell me how that makes any kind of financial sense? Whatsoever?

EDIT: So because you don't happen to like the *free* games you're receiving on a console that's been out for less than a year, you're entitled to have a service of games you didn't bother to consider from last generation for free?


@Brien - It wouldn't make financial sense to just add it to PS+ as is, but since they were considering a subscription option, creating a second PS+ tier that included it could make sense financially (though either way not sure how interested in it I would be).

TheBurger291934d ago

You seem to think that everything should be handed to you. Im an xbox 360 and I knew that paying for gold gave me a good service, my money would help the improve the service. When sony announced a similar service for the ps4 most people didnt get that upset because they understood that it was for the better. So you think that because you already pay for a service that deserve more free stuff, when you already get free games from ps plus? You are selfish, greedy, and lazy.

shinrock1934d ago

And why would you all want to play old ass ps1\2 on ur $400 1080p 60fps beast?

Reddzfoxx1933d ago

To your point of why shouldn't PS offer it for free... Your right through the whole life cycle of PS3 they gave away free online multiplayer. Now you have to pay to play.During the whole life people said Xbox gamers were stupid for paying to play online.

Now its okay to pay for PS+ and with Sony gouging people for more money for older games that you can get at gamestop for $10 or less by charging half that to play it for 4 hours.

@Brien Sony previously offered multiplayer services for free last gen and now your getting charged so yeah PSNow for free since you bought the console and are paying per month versus last gen. Sony apparently could afford it last gen and now they are BFing customers and making it more like a paystation 4 instead of a playstation 4.

Seriously ridiculous pay model which no reasonable person would defend. Sony is selling Ice cubes to eskimos with PSnow.

SilentNegotiator1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

"The only way that I would even consider touching PS Now is if it was free access with PS+"

LOL, Sony would be back to regular quarterly losses in no time.

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BiggerBoss1934d ago

I think $2-3 for a day would be the best way to go. That way it's the about the same price as a redbox rental

DeadMansHand1934d ago

It's cheaper than that. The "tester" 4 hour rental is 4-5 bucks. A 30 day rent is fifty cents a day and the 90 is .25 a day.

BABYLEG1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

lol @ DMH. This fool here tryna defend this shit. Since you like doing math, do this one. Why don't I just download and buy the game and keep it for around the same price and build a library? 30bucks 2 years +... do the math

Something about playing any game when I want it, without being limited. This is arcade styled pricing for the home. I usually don't test games.. by watching a clip of said game, I know if I want it or not. If not, hopefully it changes my mind.

I don't need a 4 hour rental to tell me that I shouldn't waste my time with watch dogs or other mistake games out there.

If people enjoy testing games then yea.. test away. Sony gon have some people renting skyrim for 4 hours lol

admiralvic1934d ago

I couldn't disagree more. I don't normally like to use popular lingo, but this article feels exactly like I imagine an "apologist" post / article to look like. For starters, the starting price is actually pretty terrible. Even if we were to assume $2.99 is the lowest for all 4 hour rentals, I am 99.99% sure Family Video charges the same for a 1 night rental. Since they go off nights, you technically have 2 days to play the game and you can enjoy it from opening (10 AM) to closing the next day (Midnight), giving you up to 38 hours to enjoy the game for the same price.

If you don't object to simply selling games, you can also make a fair bit back to offset the cost, especially if you have Gamer Club Unlocked. Like you could get any $60 dollar game for $48 on release and this stacks with reward zone gift certs with preorders and games typically trade in for $30 ~ $40 within the first couple of weeks. Like you could have had 3 - 4 weeks with Mario Kart 8 and got a free copy game and or sold that code for $10+ for $4 via this method (if you waited 6 or so weeks, it traded into Walmart for $59.xx). There have been many instances where I've actually got a fair bit of cash back by simply waiting / doing a promotion to get close to the same $3 ~ $5 dollar price point. Back in May Target had 3x trade in on a bunch of games and several things like AC 4 (PS4), Battlefield 4 (PS4), Super Mario 3D World and such were still trading in for $50+ dollars (thats approximately a rental price of $ 1.67 or less a month).

Don't get me wrong, I am all for people having options and if someone wants a rent something for 4 hours, then so be it, but It's hard to call it a deal in any capacity.

wsoutlaw871934d ago

Who cares that you can rent games at other places. They arent the ssme thing as red box or any other rental place. Its a streeming service. How cheap do you expect publishers will make it for you to finish their games. Everyone needs to stop expecing red box prices. Have you every rented a movie that was streamed? It cost a lot more than red box. Psnow allows you to play these games instantly that are made for a system you maybe dont even have. Being able to fully play a game for 4 hours for 4 dollars is a fine price and if you couldnt finish it in that time then do it again. You could beat most games for less than 8$. You would also not have to worry about the game being crap that way because you only spent 4$. Plus some of the games are digital only or would be impossible to find at a rental place or store. Are stores like family video even open still?

admiralvic1934d ago

"Who cares that you can rent games at other places. They arent the ssme thing as red box or any other rental place. Its a streeming service."

To do well in any field you need to remain competitive regardless of how innovating / unique your product is. For PS Now to be successful, it needs to offer more than convenience, since innovation is great, but there is no motivation if better deals can be had elsewhere.

"How cheap do you expect publishers will make it for you to finish their games."

I think you miss the point of Now. There is a marketing term, which I can't recall or find via Google, but thats what Now is going for. The point is to have a high introductory cost that makes the other more expensive and longer times seem like a better deal than they probably are. This point starts to become obvious when you compare the price of 4 hour rentals to 7 day rentals. To give you an idea, Darksiders II is $4.99 for 4 hours and $6.99 for 7 days. Needless to say, you're basically paying another $2 for an additional 164 hours of access.

"Have you every rented a movie that was streamed? It cost a lot more than red box."

While it might sound hypocritical, this is really an apple / oranges statement. When it comes to things like movies, you only need the movies run time to get the "maximum" amount of enjoyment out of it, so the length of time you have it isn't that important, where as with games you're probably not going to finish it in 4 hours and the extra time is essentially value lost.

"Psnow allows you to play these games instantly that are made for a system you maybe dont even have. Being able to fully play a game for 4 hours for 4 dollars is a fine price and if you couldnt finish it in that time then do it again."

This is where the logic of the 4-hour time frame falls apart. In many (perhaps most / almost every) cases it costs more to pay for two 4 hour rentals than to fork over the money to have it for a week. This is also something done by design (as mentioned above) and essentially why I don't think the 4-hour pricing is a good deal. Now if Sony wanted to bump it up to 1 day, I could see it being viable next to say red box or another rental service, even if they still technically offer a better deal.

"You could beat most games for less than 8$. You would also not have to worry about the game being crap that way because you only spent 4$."

The problem relates back to the pricing structure in the first place. Since it's in most cases as much or less to rent the game for a week, the two 4-hour trials could be a waste of money and essentially puts a time limit on your enjoyment. Considering most games average 7+ hours to complete, you're going to have to ignore exploring areas / looking for things / going after trophies and focus completely on beating the game or you're going to waste more and more money on these low time rentals.

"Plus some of the games are digital only or would be impossible to find at a rental place or store."

True, but digital games have a lower threshold between 4-hour and 7 day. Something like Lumines goes from $2.99 for 4 or $3.99 for 7 and since this article is about 4-hour pricing being a good deal, you're going to be hard pressed explaining to me how saving a dollar for 164 less hours of time is some kind of deal. Furthermore, digital games tend to lean towards longer spans of time that arguably make them a worse deal. Like Metal Slug 2 only comes in 90 day form and it costs as much as it costs to buy the game for the PS3 off the PSN.

"Are stores like family video even open still?"

Yes. There are at least 4 Family Video stores still in operation by my house.

XxExacutionerxX1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

EA is charging 4.99 for 3 full games on Xbox One a month!!!

Sony Fanboys
OMG "EA and Microsoft are the worst companies on the planet" Sony was right turning them down, what a dumb idea. Glad i have a Ps4!! I fill sorry for the Xboners. The Ps4 is so much better...

Sony is charging people 2.99 for 4 hours of gameplay for a game on PSNOW.

Sony Fanboys
"That's a great idea, WOW It's just like the arcade, I can play Metal Gear Solid 4 for 4 whole hours...JUST LIKE THE ARCADE! !!
Sony I Love You, let me know when you need more money. I'll ask my mom.

Welcome to N4G

shinrock1934d ago


liquidhalos1933d ago

I'll bub that too. Sony fanboys just make so sense at all. I'm still ashamed to have a ps4 with kids that act like this

user56695101933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

To be fare it's only a few defending this. It's hard to argue that this is not a ripoff. It usually a excuse like the prices are not final or some other bs. Not defending them because I always point out their contradictions but this one most of them is on the same page as us finally.

You are still getting some of the Sony gymnastics specialist in here.

Pogmathoin1934d ago

Bollox.... now you saying PS has the Wii crowd? Lets entertain for an hour and thats it??? This pricing is still terrible. You champion this and slaugther EA Access??? Get a grip. Sony has done great things lately, but not everything they do turns to gold.........

SonyPS41933d ago

It's cheaper to buy a used PS3 and the games than using PS Now. This service is a joke, even worse than the old OnLive's pricing structure and many thought that was offensively abysmal. It's going to flop if nothing gets done about it.

liquidhalos1933d ago

It's a ridiculous idea and comparison. Arcade isn't console.

alwayzbusi11933d ago

Okay, here's what people need to understand. PS Now is not like renting a game in the form of redbox or gamefly. You are not running the game on your PS4 (it can't) so it's more like renting a game plus the console to run it on.

Think of it like back in the day when you could rent the actual console plus the game from Blockbuster. Also keep in mind that GameStop, Redbox, Gamefly, or any other store or service can't do anything for you if you don't have a PS3. That's the point of now and the main reason it should do well when it fully launches across PS family and TVs. With that taken into consideration, the pricing is not that bad but could still use some adjustments.

On the flip side of the coin. If you have a PS3 then PS Now may not be the best option for you. You could probably find the game cheaper elsewhere and also own it. But that's for you to determine on your own. But don't forget to factor in gas, and/or time taken to get that game. Also remember you're still renting their PS3 servers to play a rented game on your PS3 hardware that can do the same thing but locally and better.

maximaz1933d ago

Yes, Imax is $20 for like two hours and a plane trip is like a couple of hundred for two hours, hence, therefore, ergo, $5 for 4 hours is amazing. On the other hand, you can buy a game on Steam for $5 so...

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DonDon1934d ago

Sorry but still not convinced. Why not just make it 4 hours in actual gameplay. Don't dock the hours that we spend when NOT playing.

Playstatiin NOW should charge the hours spent on a gam3 (the here and NOW). It's called PS Now not PS Not. If they want that much for 4 hours I think this could be best way. The other prices are decent as is (even if time is lost when not playing). But either way it's better to own. PS Now as a service is too expensive for Sony to run 24/7 so ownership isn't likely for games. It's quite the quagmire when running a streaming service.

LAWSON721934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

That ideal works only for 4 hr rentals. Letting someone rent a game for 2160 hrs of in game time is literallly just giving them the game. They should at least not start counting time until the game is played like a movie rental, which may already be the case but I have no idea.

To give an example I have 800+ hrs in Halo Reach after playing it moderately for 3 years. Someone could be beat a 10 hr game 216 times lol before their so called rental is over. Heck even with a 7 day rental someone could play a for 168 hrs. Someone could go beat Uncharted probably 15 times before the rental is over

DonDon1933d ago

At Lawson:

Hey genius I originally said the 4 hour thing is best ONLY for 4 hours if we're only clocked while playing. I said in my original post that the other options (1 week, 90 days etc) would not be feasible unless they DID dock the hours when we are not playing.

XtraTrstrL1934d ago

Not convinced either. The 4 hour option is what makes it seem the most like a rip-off to me. Almost any price you ask for that option will seem too much, and the prices there now definitely aren't low for only 4 hours.

admiralvic1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

"The 4 hour option is what makes it seem the most like a rip-off to me. Almost any price you ask for that option will seem too much, and the prices there now definitely aren't low for only 4 hours."

Thats sort of the point. The idea is to make the other times look like a great value by comparison. I assume the main reason why Sony doesn't do a day instead of 4-hours is that many people could actually get their fill / beat it in a 24 hour window and it would actually make the cheapest time a competitive option for the 7 day option, instead of a no brainer like "do I want Catherine for over 4 hours?" as most people probably realize it's going to take over 4-hours to beat and thus it would be far more logical to just pay for the week (which costs the same as two 4-day rentals).

Drithe1934d ago

2, 3, 4 hours of gaming used to be called DEMOS. Sony is stealing from gamers and getting greedy. It almost killed the PS3. Now they are gonna take a chance and be greedy with the ps4 because it is selling well.

I am starting to hate Sony.

kingdip901934d ago

Demo's used to only be around 15-20 mins of gameplay

liquidhalos1933d ago

Lol no way Bro. Back in my pc gaming days demos could keep a group of us going for hours. Duke 3d, mech warrior 2, descent. We had hours and hours and hours of fun.

youndamie1934d ago

You're staring to hate Sony because their Optional streaming service is too expensive? The publishers would not agree to anything significantly cheaper across the board. Sony can't make their games much cheaper either without alienating the other publishers games. Also you have to consider the fact that they have to maintain this streaming network, the cost of operation is also a factor in setting price points.

shinrock1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

What about sony exclusives? According to that means sony games should be cheaper.

youndamie1934d ago

@shinrock Reread my comment, I have already addressed that.

aceitman1934d ago

@ drithe , I dare u to find a demo that is 2,3,4 hrs long , the last I saw time trials are an hour , and even Nintendo has a limit on how many times u can try a demo. u will spend 5 $ easy in 30 minutes in the arcade , some games only last 3 to 5 hrs

liquidhalos1933d ago

So when your at this arcade playing games. You pay not only for the game but also staff, ablutions, electricity and insurance. Amongst other things. You cannot compare the 2. Sony messed up, this was a bad idea with these price plans. Just think how many Sony fans are on n4g, now look at how many people are complaining about price point. Look at their agrees. People against now pricing are in the majority. There's no getting around it

MegaRay1934d ago

"It almost killed the PS3. Now they are gonna take a chance and be greedy with the ps4 because it is selling well"

PSNow only play PS3 games, so they're still killing PS3 (By your logic anyway lol)

Drithe1934d ago

They almost killed the ps3 with their GREED. By that I mean the 600 ridiculously stupid price tag when it first came out. It took years for the ps3 to catch on, and that was only after it came down in price.

Sony knew what they could away with then and are testing the waters now.

yewles11933d ago


"They almost killed the ps3 with their GREED. By that I mean the 600 ridiculously stupid price tag when it first came out."

Imalwaysright1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

It wasn't greed. The PS3 was a trojan horse for them to win the optical disc format war against HD DVD. When it launched the PS3 was the least expensive Blu ray player on the market. Having said that I completely agree with you on PS3 price. It was stupid and it cost them half the market share they had on the previous generation.


PS Now pricing is a sneak peak of the future, and it will be even worse if turning games into services becomes the norm. I'll never support anything that turns games into services.

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DaleCooper1934d ago

I think this article forgot to be tagged as "satire", right? There is no way the 4 hour rental can be seen as a good deal.

Software_Lover1934d ago

How in the hell can people justify this lol?

TRD4L1fe1934d ago

Because it's Sony and apparently Sony can't do no wrong

Vegamyster1934d ago

I don't know, before video rental stores were phased out you could rent most game for $5-$7 and get 2-5 days with it.

Darkstares1934d ago

You can't really. PS+ gave us playtime included on some titles. I think they were 60 minutes to 120 minutes? This pricing model might not be bad for NEW games but not old ones. It's terrible. The 7 day rental options aren't bad.

I've said it before, they need to make it a subscription based model like Onlive was.