New Console Sales Strong; Opportunities Abound

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches were gangbusters from a hardware standpoint in Canada, but not quite as impressive on the software side of things. That's according to NPD Canada director of technology and entertainment Darrel Ryce, who assessed the systems' launch performances in a post on the NPD blog.

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bicfitness1931d ago

Vita has sold more units world-wide at this point, let that sink in. Wii U is an irrelevancy to this generation's discussions on console hardware/ 3rd party software sales.

randomass1711930d ago

To be fair, Vita had a headstart and is also selling quite well in Japan. Wii U also sold around the same if not a little higher than Xbox One for the past few weeks. Does that speak more for Xbox's failure or Wii U's success?

Dudebro901930d ago

Yet Micorosft and Sony first parties cant sell the amount of software Nintendo does.

Try thinking before you speak.

modesign1930d ago

dudebro, thats because ps4/x1 users have 3rd party titles to buy also, they are not just constraint to the 1st party titles.

watchdogs for ps4 alone outsold MK8. let that set in.

R-A-S-01930d ago

Isn't Wii U outselling xbone atm?

dirkdady1930d ago

It could very well be close. The Xbox one sold about 300k (if you est 800k 360 out of 1 mil based on previous q sales) last quarter.

That's terrible considering that the x360 sold 10 to 13 mil in a year on avg during its life time. Not sure why people are saying Xbox one is selling decently or better than 360 when it's clearly not.

Macdaddy711930d ago

The dang Wii U has NOT!!!! sold more then the X1, people like you is how things get out of control online...the ps4 n X1 is the top dogs, by the don't compare handheld to consoles please, could not be more far from each

SoapShoes1930d ago

Wii U has actually been outselling X1 lately. In part because of Mario Kart 8 and other games coming soon and in part because X1 hasn't had any exclusive since Titanfall and won't till Autumn.

Goku7811930d ago

You must have not been paying attention, Xbox One sales did dip below and got outsold by the Wii U, embarrassing but ture.

Macdaddy711930d ago

OMG just seen the x1 failure comment lmfao ya are so funny,... Give it a brake n enjoy what the freak we got,,

voodoochild3461930d ago

Stop making idiotic comments about the xbone selling more that the WiiU and there won't be any problems. WiiU is still over a million ahead of the xbone and has been outselling it in some of the recent hardware reports.

The only thing the xbone is the topdog of currently is last place.

mrpsychoticstalker1930d ago

13 territories more than 5Million units sold. At $500. That's impressive!

The updates and features will continue to boost sales for the xb1. Not to mention all the great exclusives and DLC content coming later this year.

amiga-man1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I seem to remember the Joker in the batman films being almost as delusional as you mrpsychoticstalker, still whatever helps you sleep at night

KwietStorm1930d ago

And I suppose the competition will stop selling?

Tony-A1930d ago

You can consider that "impressive" till the cows come home, kiddo. That still won't mask the fact that it's currently a last place console (coming from someone who owned one before buying a PS4, mind you).

Funny how 5 million shipped in 13 countries is impressive, yet none of the records broken by the PS4 are. The fact that a cheaper XBO barely made a dent in Sonys success is even more impressive.

A return on all policies, a killer app in the form of TitanFall, a new gamer focused marketing plan and a $100 cheaper, Kinectless XBO didn't do much, by MY GOODNESS, just wait for those... updates? And... features? Seriously? Updates and features... you know you're not in a good place when firmware updates are your saving grace.

Dynasty20211930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

And yet recently gaming PC hardware sales have been reported as "dominating consoles" and are the strongest in years.

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