7 Series Microsoft Needs To Bring To Xbox One

Everyone knows that the Xbox One is slipping behind the PS4 with each passing day. With that knowledge in mind Microsoft should be scrambling to find some killer IPs to bring to its box.

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Ajoyshop1934d ago

Perfect Dark is on my list for sure. Love the game "Bullet" on the Xbox. That would be a flash from the past for sure.

Ajoyshop1933d ago

This was funny. Not sure it's relevance to my comment though. :p

Mr Pumblechook1933d ago

I'd like to see a console version of Flight Simulator. It would be great to play a new flight game that is not about combat, just the joy of flying. And with the power of Xbone graphics I wouldn't have to worry about if my PC can run it and I can imagine all the landscapes would look beautiful.

christocolus1933d ago


I have a feeling we will see all those games with the exception of amped and grabbed by the ghoulies.

Pressplay has shown interest in developing a banjoe game with rare meanwhile we know Rare is currently working on some multiple unannounced ips and i think perfect dark or conker could be one of those titles but i can also see MS&rare co developing some of these ips with external partners like they did with ki. Also otogi was one of the biggest games on the original xbox&if Phil is serious about bringing back old ips then i can see Otogi returning.. Amped was fun i played it a lot with my brother but i don't see MS funding a new snow boarding game.. Grabbed by the ghoulies was fun but MS would rather fund a sequel to Kameo or make a new Viva pinata.

Fans want a sequel to Alan wake and in an interview with polygon last year Sam lake said they would get to it once they had enough new ideas to put into a I'm guessing they might get to it once QB is done. Phil says they are funding a lot more games this gen than they did last gen so i think we will see a good number of games (old and new ips)down the road.

jokerman271933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I want to play a new Conker before I die!

jnemesh1933d ago

They can "scramble" all they want...but if you start development TODAY on a "AAA" title, it's not going to release before the end of 2016 or early 2017. It's ALREADY too late for the Xbox 180. Best thing MS could do is kill it and focus on PC gaming.

Ajoyshop1933d ago

No way. You know they have games in development right? It's not like they haven't started them yet lol. The Wii U now that's a system that could pack it in and go home but not the Xbox One. It's right on the coat-tails of the PS4.

christocolus1933d ago


You are spot on. Jnemesh is just a troll.

His comment below is hilarious..lmao

“if you start development TODAY on a "AAA" title, it's not going to release before the end of 2016 or early 2017.”

Meaning MS won't have any big titles for xbx one in 2016 or 2017?

He has no idea that things don't work that way.MS hasn't announced their entire line up going into 2015, 2016 or 2017 and its naive to think there aint any more games currently in development for xbx one. Games currently planned for release next year&2016 would have been in development for atleast a year now.

christocolus1933d ago


Don't you get tired of trolling xbx articles. There are so many ps4 articles on N4g right now but you found your way into an xbx article...dude admit it. You secretly admire the xbx one... Its the only logical explanation. Lmao

Kiwi661933d ago

Are you trying to become king troll as all you do is go into xbox articles and down play everything even when its good news for those that actually have an interest in xbox
OT Bring back Conker or even PGR

jokerman271933d ago

I don't know about cashing in on the Wii U yet, Hyrule Warriors and Smash are going to make it or break it.

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The story is too old to be commented.