Pure Pool Review – VooFoo find the "Golden Angle" [PSGamer]

Sean Davies of PSGamer: Pure Pool is a very difficult game to review objectively because it is so specialised and has a reasonably niche appeal. Pure Pool is all about Pool – the game where you hit a ball into other balls in order to put them into holes on a table. If you have no interest in pool, it is probably best you stop reading this review now as Pure Pool will not convert you into a fan. It will not teach you how to play pool. It will not endear itself to you. Pure Pool is for the fans – the players who know the difference between a Bank Shot and a Cross Corner Shot – and this is one enjoyable and very polished pool simulator indeed.

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ThatOneGuyThere1629d ago

so, i wonder, what would make this a better pool game? calling it near perfect and then awarding it a mid 8 is kind of odd to me.

SpinalRemains1381629d ago

I thought so too.

Honestly, each week that goes by makes review scores more meaningless.

CannonB81629d ago

I love it. One of the few Pool games that feels natural to play. Had a few problems with online matchmaking, but I contacted the developers and they told me it would be fixed in the next patch.
Would thoroughly recommend.

tweet751629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

those graphics are def next gen never seen a nicer looking pool game if you like playing pool youll like if not you wont. The games title is great stating exactly what the game is.