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Is the KontrolFreek FPS Ultra a suitable replacement for broken Dual Shock 4 analog sticks? And do the covers actually enhance accuracy?

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Utalkin2me1927d ago

I really like these. They have a good feel and give some extra height. Problem i had was i had to glue them on, they keep coming off.

thereapersson1927d ago

Too bad the stock sticks' coating comes off anyway.

ramiuk11927d ago

my launch sticks fell apart,had them replaced from sony and these are good so far,bu i have noticed the edge getting a little slippier so hope it dont start doing it again

camel_toad1927d ago

Do the more recently manufactured sony brand controllers still have the stick issue or have they fixed it?

wastedcells1927d ago

I hear a lot about this problem with the analog sticks but mine are still perfect. Does it only happen to some people?

Lwhit61927d ago

I had two controllers (boughten around launch day) that the analog sticks ripped to the plastic all the way around. Replaced them both (had to pay for the shipping even with a warranty) and now my new ones seem to be holding up. Although the rubber is starting to wear...*sigh*

rainslacker1926d ago


Some lots of the initial controllers had this issue. I don't know if they've fixed it, but Sony will replace the controller for you free of charge.

I imagine they at least upped the quality control on this part since they don't want to have to give away too many free controllers.

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amiga-man1927d ago

Thanks for that comment Utalkin2me as the review seems to suggest otherwise, might give them a go although my controller isn't suffering the extra feel and height sounds good.

stripe8141927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

this is also my problem and i thought i got a defective one so i address where i bought it and give me a new pair but it keeps coming off, i found one solution, double adhesive tape would work. or get the gel tabz instead it has decent height (downside if you have wet thumb sometimes it tends to slip)..

ITPython1927d ago

I got hooked on the FPSFreeks last year on my DS3 and now I can't play without them on my DS4. I find that the DS4 sticks were a bit too short for my liking, so I have two CQC versions on each stick and it is absolutely perfect. Not too long, but feels just right. Plus the black plastic and olive drab color of the pad looks nice with the DS4.

They have popped off a few times though when I was frantically jamming on the sticks in some heated multiplayer matches, and you have to position them just right so the little plastic edges that grab the stick don't hit the controller when rotating at full tilt. But I find a little piece of tape rolled up between the pad and stick keeps it pretty firm without hurting the DS4 sticks.

Not sure why Sony made the sticks on the DS4 shorter than the DS3, as having more length = more precision and control. But either way it doesn't matter now, as I have the FPSFreeks.

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Dirtnapstor1927d ago

I ordered 2 pair right after I got my PS4 to counter the short stick syndrome. They work really well and I've had zero issues. I've read about the negatives but there-again, I want my equipment to last.

brewskiebob1927d ago

You guys must have diamond grit ds4 is still like new and I play competitive fps 5+ hours a day

GamingSinceThe80s1927d ago

On some of the batches of launch controllers the rubber was defective.I don't think I have played my PS4 enough since launch to know if mine had those or not.Maybe once Destiny hits I'll

wastedcells1927d ago

Same here. Both my controller are still like new and I play the sh!t out of my ps4. Must only be a bad batch some unlucky people got.

Lwhit61927d ago

One of the many downsides to gaming with my diamond grit hands is how many controllers I go through. Hahaha but the launch controllers were cheaply made at least for me

iistuii1927d ago

My left one has gone so had to buy these. Shouldn't have to, but I rather not send off my controller. They are fine though. Just hope they have strengthened them since launch.

GamingSinceThe80s1927d ago

They claim to have fix the defect. and as much as It sucks,If this is the worst thing to happen with this gen's systems we did pretty good this time.At least it's nothing like last gen's disaster 360,s the red ring of death or Sony's yellow death light.Something we should all be happy very

rainslacker1926d ago

I agree you shouldn't have to, but why not send it in for a replacement? Get a good controller. From what I hear it takes less than a week.

iistuii1926d ago

A week, are you mad, I'm half way through TLOU lol.

bjmartynhak1927d ago

Does someone here knows a grip for the DS4?

I would like to get a full grip in the controller (grip in the middle of the palm, not close to the fingers), but when I do it now my thumbs go way over the touchpad, being impossible to use the sticks (but man, it feels nice to hold like this!)

zerog1927d ago

Amazon has some gel covers for the whole controller.

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