ESO's Balancing Act

CCC Says: "My initial impression of The Elder Scrolls: Online was an awestruck one. Though not a freeform open-world like Skyrim and the previous single-player adventures, the zones were vast, gorgeous, and bustling with activity. The serene music as I sauntered through woodland areas and arid deserts had that perfect pitch that has followed every game under The Elder Scrolls banner. I spent well over two-hundred hours with the game since its launch, casually soaking the lore of each area by myself at first, then joining a 500+ members guild called Clan of Spears, and afterwards busting through the following 80% of the pre-Veteran campaign to catch up with my compatriots in order to tackle the endgame content. Now that I've seen most of what can be seen, I've found myself in a disappointed state. Looking back at my grueling grind, I'm finding more criticisms than compliments, as are many other players. Developer Bethesda spent plenty of time at the recent QuakeCon to address many of our concerns, previewing some major updates on to the way. But is it too little too late?"

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