By Killing GamePad, Nintendo Could Still Turn Wii U Around

Gamer Headlines: Yesterday’s Nintendo sales numbers reinforced a conclusion that many of us had already arrived at: Nintendo is basically finished for this generation. Despite a huge marketing push for Mario Kart 8, Nintendo is still losing money. And let’s be honest: it’s all the GamePad’s fault.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

This article has gone absolutely, positively, 100% full freaking Pachter.

Nonsensical click bait that doesn't prove any solid points.

Turns out the author doesn't even own the system, then turns around and says he can't think of any games that use the game pad well.


Pro tip; if you don't understand the benefits of a device, don't write an article explaining why it shouldn't be used.

Getting rid of the gamepad won't turn the Wii U around.

Getting more exclusives out of third parties, doing more advertisement for their big-name releases, and speeding up their release of internally-developed games, will do that better than abandoning key parts of their console.

Ariamythe1936d ago

And clearly, the article says that the writer's kids own one that they have used often. And "he" is a woman.

wonderfulmonkeyman1936d ago

Her kids own it, then. Apparently she hasn't used it much, and therefore really shouldn't be writing about it.

JacketsNest1011935d ago

I noticed that too. If her kids own it, then doesn't she bought it for them? Which would then follow to her owning it since she bought it.

randomass1711936d ago

Does this author even know you need the gamepad for Nintendo Land and ZombiU and supposedly a few of the Nintendo games coming out next year? I feel like selling without the gamepad will create even more Wii and Wii U brand confusion because then you can't even separate them with the different controllers.

JacketsNest1011935d ago

Not to mention the fact that it would be a very stupid move from a financial standpoint as well.

JacketsNest1011935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Not to mention that it would be a very stupid move form a financial standpoint as well. (ignore this, double post)

stragomccloud1936d ago

Didn't he get the memo? Never go full Pachter!

DonDon1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I qlso think that dumping the gamepad is dumb. But if Nintendo could let gamers use their 3ds's as controllers for Wii U, then it could drastically increase sales since the 3ds userbase is substantially larger. I actually thought the 2ds would do that, since it's shaped like the Wii U game tablet--but the 2ds doesn't have a second analog stick. If it did, and also had a way to communicate with Wii U consistently, then it would sell both systems like hotcakes. Especially since cost of producing a 2ds is probably about the price of a wii u touch pad. If they make an attachemnt for a 2nd stick for 2ds then maybe it can happen.

Without touch screen how will games like Mario Maker make any sense? This article isn't looking ahead.

Chrischi19881936d ago

Oh... not again... this is not something useless, like the kinect. I can think of a lot of ways, to make gameplay better with the gamepad, unlike with kinect, where you would need to make stuff worse, just to implement kinects functions in a game.

What people just dont understand is, that it is a great peripheral, but it is not good for any kind of game, so just because Nintendo didnt use it in Mario Kart for example, doesnt make it useless.

Think of huge RPGs, like Skyrim, MMOs and RTS, no other console (speaking of consoles, not PCs) can even come close in that department. You can disagree, but that just proves you just dont want to believe it, but thinking logical about it, you know I am right.

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KaladinStormblessed1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Please, just stop. The wii u is done this generation? How about XBox One? Last I checked the wii u was outselling it week over week at one point. Mariokart has only been out 2 months, and lots of people are waiting till Christmas. And the 500k wii u's was last quarter where MK was out for a month. The gamepad is awesome btw. I use it over my pro controller for every game except for fifa. It's the little features it adds that makes the experience better, not the full "revolution in gaming". People like gaming how it is, and the gamepad doesn't try to completely change it. Everything it does makes gameplay smoother and better. Little things that you don't really notice but make the game better is the best way to make gaming better, and the gamepad does just that for most games.

Theyellowflash301936d ago

If Nintendo killed the Gamepad they would have to kill Amiibo as well. The Gamepad is used for that. But this is flamebait, so nice try, not clicking on your shitty, poorly backed up article assuming things.

Chrischi19881936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Exactly. Somehow I believe people forget, that using the gamepad doesnt necessarily mean, using the touchscreen.

And then people act like there is no use, but Nintendo DS and 3DS proved, there is use for a second screen. The gamepad just offers the same, for a home console. People who cant think of use for it, probably never played with a Nintendo DS or 3DS and ignore that they were and are super successful and then of course, if you ignore all fact and live in your own world, then there is no use of course^^

TekoIie1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

"Nothing will make the Wii U a success at this point"

I disagree. Smash bros definitely has the potential to further improve on the sales boost MK8 started.

Also don't forget Pokken Fighters:

I think X/Y is the fastest and best selling game on the 3DS to date. Perhaps something similar could occur with the Wii U were a Pokemon game to release for it.

Metallox1936d ago

They won't kill it anyway, it's already confirmed.

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