What I’d Like To See In Kingdom Hearts 3

ArmedGamer: We’ve pretty much established that I have a full blown love affair with Final Fantasy, however, my love for Disney is certainly comparable, if not bigger. So when Square Enix first decided to combine the two in the Kingdom Hearts series, you can understand why I got a lady boner. Sure it might sound strange to mash these two complete different things together, but it worked. Not only did it work, but it was a damn hit.

Naturally my lady boner grew yet again during last year’s Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement. I was, as well as plenty of other fans, simply ecstatic over the news. Alas, the game still has no release date, and it appears it won’t be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One any time soon. However, this leaves me plenty of time to asses and obsess over all the things I think this new title needs to have.

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-Foxtrot1937d ago

If Frozen is in this they better not make it into a huge focus...honestly I've been sickened by it.

It's honestly not even the best Disney film, I mean sure it comes down to opinions but it didn't feel very Disney like at times. Tangled in my opinion was better and had a different perspective with the male lead being funny for once, not just the pretty boy to save the princess.

randomass1711937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I disagree. I loved Frozen! I hope they make Elsa the swappable character for that world. Her ice powers would be pretty awesome and they could even give her and Sora an ice themed team attack like the ones in Kingdom Hearts II. IMO Frozen was just as good as some of the renaissance movies. I have a hard time choosing between it and Wreck-It Ralph sometimes. As for the leading male, Kristoff was a pretty goofy guy and there's even a song that points out how he's a flawed character.

-Foxtrot1937d ago

Sorry but Frozen is the most over rated film ever.

It doesn't come close to most Disney films, the only reason people seem to like it because it's "different"

muttsurini1936d ago

Frozen should have turn to be a music video than a movie cause people only care about it's music.

Jvaughn6611935d ago

It'd be cool to see a pirates of the Caribbean world, or maybe even a monsters inc world. Also hope Halloween town makes another appearance.

randomass1711937d ago

I don't see what was so out of line with other Disney films. It's light-hearted and campy, it's a musical and it's a very colorful movie with fun characters quite a lot like the Disney renaissance movies and even some of the ones that came in between. Maybe it is a little too popular for its own good, but I judged the movie on its own merits before the huge media buzz for it and I loved the heck out of it. Like with Wreck-It Ralph I'm hoping they do a sequel.

Paprika1936d ago

Goodness me, if I have to hear "do you wanna build a snow mannnnnn" in my beloved kingdom hearts........ NO FARK THE SNOWMAN!

randomass1711935d ago

The musical little Mermaid parts in Kingdom Hearts II were a lot worse than Olaf IMO.

LightDiego1936d ago

I still need to play Kingdom Hearts 2 this year. Another great thing would be if Studio Ghibli makes another game with Level 5, a new IP or a sequence for Ni no Kuni, this game is so epic.
What about Star Wars and Marvel characters on KH3? Or would be too much?

Sclavius1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I don't think it'll happen but I hope now that Disney owns marvel the avengers will show up. But let's face it, Frozen is gonna be in the game, they're gonna advertise it out the ass, "LOOK EVERYONE WE PUT FROZEN IN THE GAME, REMEMBER FROZEN?" good movie, disturbingly overrated, but everyone acts like it's the animated Citizen Kane.

MegaRay1936d ago

If adding Frozen mean more sales and popularity then i dont see what wrong. Unless they replace donald/goofy for her THEN that something ill complain about. But one world? nah, no world can be worse than that pirate world in KH2 and yet it didnt take any fun out of the game.

About Marvel and Star Wars. I Dont mind secret bosses or camoes in Disney Worlds, But they shouldnt be added as worlds. Not before some Pixars worlds.

Kane221936d ago

I've never seen frozen yet i hate it due to how much ive seen and heard people talk about it constantly. im not a fan of movies with singing in it. except lion king that is the only move that i cared about regarding signing in it. i hope they don't put frozen in the game. the last thing i want to hear is those overrated ass songs being sung in a game i love.

hkgamer1936d ago

Don't think a lot of people thought ff Disney combo would have worked. I for one didn't, was never a big Disney fan. I was probably the only one my age that didn't watch aladin, mermaid sleeping beauty, snow white etc.

I'm pretty sure a lot of the new cg Disney would be in the new game, but those don't really count as classics and only younger generations would care.

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