Playstation Now Pricing Is Still Completely Broken

The Playstation Now open beta started yesterday. A weird concept, because you have to pay to use it. So it’s less of a beta and more of a product you can buy that the company makes absolutely no assurances will work — Steam early access, anyone?

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wonderfulmonkeyman1933d ago

Why can't they just dump this idea and focus on further improving PS+ instead?
This whole thing feels like one huge over-priced-rental-based fiasco that Sony shouldn't have ever invested in.
It's like some convoluted off-shoot of Gamefly and Blockbuster...

iamnsuperman1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Because it is ideal way of doing what has been done in the mobile/tablet space. That market has low cost devices which are becoming increasingly more popular (especially with younger families). Gaming has the issue of if you buy something cheap it generally will look it. PS Now offer a possibly cheap way of attracting people to gaming as no device will be necessary except for your TV, current media device.... Remeber this is still early days and Sony has already expressed interest in brining it to Tvs...

The big problem is the price (which is why I said possibly cheap). From what has been said publishers have control over the prices. What Sony needs to do is get that control back and implement a subscription based service. Otherwise the whole venture is pointless

Eonjay1933d ago

Its not completely broken. The week option is actually cheaper than RedBox.

baodeus1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

@superman & eonjay,

So if PS now depends on the amount of contents it can provide, getting a subscription of let say $10/month (including about 100s of developers and Sony included), do you think they can make a profit? I haven't include in the cost for the virtual spaces, maintaining the contents, and the actual amount of developers (in the thousands as Sony claimed) yet.

Do you think it is a viable option for everyone?

Let take Netflix for example: They have to increase the fee to around $9/month and spend billion to create their own contents and you still get mostly old movies/shows? What are the reason for that?

iamnsuperman1933d ago


And Netflix makes billions from Netflix (it is a powerful company). So I don't see your point. Sony makes its own content as well. Some of the content is old and some makes yo want to buy the fo) owing seasons why it works. So yearly releases could work in Now's favour.

Remember this services isn't really for you nor I. It is for those, possibly, young families who don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a system their children might not even play That much. They could easily have a TV, laptop, ipad/tablet that works with PlayStation Now. Using what they have got to get them into gamimg. Also they have to pay if they are not using it (especially if Sony gets subscriptions in order)

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AllAboutGaming1933d ago

I don't understand why Sony hasn't put at least one of their games up to play for free. This is something new, let us give it a try before you charge us.

It wouldn't cost them anything to put Uncharted 1 up for a free test and it just might make people believers in game streaming. As it stands now it is just that expensive service we've never tried and probably won't ever if the pricing stands.

uth111933d ago

my guess is because they don't want a flood of people rushing in to try it, bringing the system to its knees

Soldierone1933d ago

That kind of defeats the purpose of a beta then. What happens when they release new games and everyone wants to play that new game on the service?

This is why Destiny was a proper beta. Telling everyone and their grandma to get on for two hours on one specific day. It destroyed the servers, but they learned what is needed for launch.

uth111933d ago

It isn't like they'll be offering free play time through the service, so they don't have to plan for that kind of capacity.

If they have rushes when new games are made available, then the solution is to price accordingly- to keep the demand to levels where you don't ruin the gamers experience.

I think that's why pricing hasn't been fully worked through. They need to find a pricing point where the servers don't go too idle or too over utilized.

Phish1933d ago

Agreed. Even a 4 hour trial is fine. I just want to make sure things work well at the house before paying for it.

iamnsuperman1933d ago

Or, all be it a little more sneaky, I can see them offering the first month or two free when you sign up (similar to what they did with music unlimited)

WeAreLegion1933d ago

They have. Many of them in the beta were free. Now, any games you bought on PS3 are free to stream.

FireProChamp1933d ago

That doesn't help the people that moved from 360 to PS4. We don't have any games purchased. Let us try it for free!!!!!

WeAreLegion1933d ago

It does help them though. The first part of my comment explained that.

DonDon1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I can't stream the ps now games that i already owned on ps3 for free. Are you 100% sure? Is it because i'm now on ps4's public beta and it can't recognize my ps3 digital library?

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WeAreLegion1933d ago

Yes, they know. Just keep tweeting them to let them know how you feel. Can't wait for the subscription details.

RantandRave1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Speculation from review:

Whine, Complain but then states "Because this is a “beta,” we don’t assume that any of these price points are permanent"

Fact from Sony Email:

These PRICES are ultimately decided on by the PARTICIPATING DEVELOPERS and PUBLISHERS. Your FEEDBACK during this next phase of the Beta is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, as we will be monitoring it closely.


Email us at [email protected] om and help SHAPE the future of PLAYSTATION NOW.

*** I apologize for the caps but those are the important points that keep being overlooked***

Rik_Mayall1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

If Sony cannot contain publishers greed and own expectations from a service for their own idea and agenda for a product platform then that's THEIR problem to deal with, not yours, mine or anyone else's. The consumer shouldn't have to say that these prices aren't feasible for the long term, they have the guys in suits to work that one out.

The official PS forums AND large sites like IGN and even N4G spoke volumes about the pricing structure even before it was open to the general public and they did dick all about it then either.

Sony know the solution but its whether or not they can achieve that solution is another thing.

DonDon1933d ago

Actually they DO need customer feedback. These "suits" have been rich a long time and don't feel the squeeze of economic inflation like we do. So they think we are made of money. They have no clue what it's like to still be poor/middle class. We have to tell them. And if they don't listen, we vote with our dollars. THEN the suits will have their own economic crisis to deal with.

SpinalRemains1381933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

There is no concrete one says all.

Sony and any given publisher have a relationship. This is a collaboration where sacrifices and accommodations are made for one another, or no one benefits.

They work with another and compromise is paramount. The idea that a publisher will tell SONY to go to hell and they're not wavering from their price standpoint, is wrong.

If SONY nudges for reduction in price due to backlash, it is listened to. Let alone the fact that SONY themselves publish numerous titles within the service.

HeavenlySnipes1933d ago

The price model will change. Why?

Because nobody is gonna rent MGS4 for 30 days for $5.99 when they can buy it for $5

The pricing is horrendous and it will be a massive failure if they decide not to listen to practically everyone that looks at it. Sony can't be that stupid to proceed with PSNow in an era where unlimited access on a subscription model is how digital content works (see massive success of Netflix)

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