IGN AU: SBK-08 Review

As a game SBK 08 is a pared back, pure racing experience that is a dream come true for two wheeled aficionados to whom realistic control is paramount. Having said that, it does suffer from a noticeable lack of polish in some key areas; namely sterile environments, lengthy load times between races, and some 'barely there' audio. While the team has truly nailed the riding engine, it's quite obvious that the Moto GP games have more in the way of visual bells and whistles, which some fans may miss.

However, those gamers who do know their way around Phillip Island blindfolded will ignore these shortcomings and fall in love with SBK because it handles and feels the way a real motorcycle racing experience ought to. Couple this fact with the comprehensive tuning options that, once tweaked properly, reward you with genuine, palpable benefits for your bike, and SBK 08 is one solid ride.

Presentation - 6.5
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 5.5
Gameplay - 7.5
Lasting Appeal - 7.5
Overall -

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