Nintendo Employee Says Rayman Is Playable In Smash Bros.

According to a video recorded at the Nintendo of Canada headquarters, Nintendo employee Matt Ryan confirms that Rayman is playable in Super Smash Bros.

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randomass1711934d ago

Huh, well that's surprising. Never thought we would get more than three third party characters. I think we should wait for an official reveal trailer, but it's cool if this is true.

Fullmetalevolust1934d ago

I concur, love Rayman and what he could bring to the franchise! but will have to wait on the official word!

deafdani1934d ago

I think this rumor is actually true. Think about it. Why would there be a Rayman trophy otherwise? It doesn't make sense, unless Rayman is actually a playable character. A fourth third party character isn't really that big of a stretch.

randomass1711934d ago

My thoughts exactly. It was kind of random to see a trophy from Ubisoft in the game without a playable representative for Ubisoft. He's probably in the game but I would still like to hear it from Sakurai or Nintendo. :)

KuroKazuma1934d ago

trophy = no playable character

deafdani1934d ago

@KuroKazuma: that's false. Every single playable character in Melee and Brawl had its own trophy.

I think you're confusing normal trophies with assist trophies. And this Rayman trophy definitely is a normal trophy. There's absolutely no reason for this trophy to exist if the character isn't playable. Which means the likelyhood of Rayman being a playable character is VERY HIGH. Almost confirmed, even.

TekoIie1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )


"I think you're confusing normal trophies with assist trophies. And this Rayman trophy definitely is a normal trophy. There's absolutely no reason for this trophy to exist if the character isn't playable."

Not necessarily. These are two trophies for SSMB4:


Phosphora is an assist trophy and looks pretty much identical to the Rayman trophy which leads me to believe he is also an assist trophy.

If we're trying to prove anything by correlation that would make sense :/

deafdani1933d ago

@Tekolie: assist trophies have their own normal trophies in-game. Both of these images you showed me are normal trophies. Phosphora is an assist trophy, yes, but that image is her normal trophy.

This is how an assist trophy actually looks before summoning the actual assist character:

It makes zero sense for Nintendo to procure the rights and licences to have Rayman in the game, then waste them to relegating him to just an assist trophy, let alone a normal trophy. This is why it's very likely he's a playable character, and it would surprise me big time if that's not the case.

Mark my words. :)

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admiralvic1934d ago

Hard to say.

On one hand, I would love Rayman and maybe it would get people to actually play Rayman Legends, which has not gotten a fair shake (even going so far as some sites mentioning it was sad Rayman Legends was the best game of 2014 so far -.-). On the other more logical hand, I suspect this was just a slip of the tongue and nothing more. He was most likely thinking of what had been announced and what had not been announced and for whatever reason decided to go with Rayman (possibly due to Pacman being third party?).

wonderfulmonkeyman1934d ago

I feel there's little chance this is true.
Ubisoft hasn't exactly been friendly with Nintendo as of late; I don't see why Nintendo would suddenly decide to put Rayman, of all things, into Smash Bros, when Ubisoft has been mucking up their multiplats on the Wii U so much lately...

SteamPowered1934d ago

Maybe it was a leftover tie-in to the supposedly Rayman Exclusive for Wii U. Temporary rights of the character or something.

wonderfulmonkeyman1934d ago

I would imagine any such tie-ins would have dissolved with the collapse of the exclusivity breakage, though.

BlackWolf1934d ago

Well, the game is still home console exclusive to Wii U in Japan, except for the Vita version. Maybe it's because of that?

BullyMangler1934d ago

Nintendo does not take the attacks of others too serious. They are too focused on their projects to stoop down.

Soon yull see Crash Bandicoot, and Conker in smash < fact

Besides, what nostalgia is it to have a bunch of Nintendo characters against each other ? Not as big a feeling like when smash first released on the N64 anymore.

wonderfulmonkeyman1934d ago

Is that sarcasm?
I can't tell if serious...

deafdani1934d ago

I disagree, the likelyhood of this being true is actually pretty high. Read my posts above to see why.

wonderfulmonkeyman1934d ago

Blackwolf, below, made a pretty good point concerning the Trophy situation; Nintendo owns exclusivity rights to Rayman Legends in Japan, still, aside from Vita, which might be why it appeared in the game.

krontaar1934d ago

He probably meant to say pac-man or megaman, easy mistake. We already know rayman is a trophy.

MegaRay1934d ago

It would be awesome if Rayman was in. But as you said, its just a misinformed unfortunately

Wyleray1933d ago

Unlikely for reasons stated well, above

Ck1x1934d ago

I sure hope not, I would rather have another character instead... Rayman is not worthy enough!

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The story is too old to be commented.