Huge Discount On Games Like Crysis Trilogy Pack, Binary Domain, Transistor, Titanfall

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AllAboutGaming1536d ago

Titanfall is so much better on PC. After playing the PC version I sold my X1 to Gamestop for store credit.

The textures are clearer, the anti aliasing is smoother, the framerate is a stable 60FPS, and it is in 1080p.

Once you play the PC version there is no going back.

Crazyglues1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Yeah it's pretty awesome on PC, I only play it on my PC as I don't own nor want an X1 -but I saw some video of it on X1, and I was like what the hell..

Was surprised how much better it is on my PC and I have an old ATI 6970 GPU and it looks and Plays Awesome.. Loving the game..

So yeah could not agree more, if you have a high-end PC it's the way to go for TitanFall..

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TABSF1536d ago

Not surprising really HD 6970 has double the cores of X1 and 25% more cores than PS4

X1 - 768
PS4 - 1152
HD 6970 - 1536

DirtyLary1536d ago

Ya GS copies Origin sales. Exact same prices at the same time.