Witcher 3 Comic Con Interview With Rafal Jaki

The Witcher Franchise Director Rafal Jaki from CD Projekt RED was at San Diego Comic Con to discuss The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He talks about the expanding franchise and what next gen has opened up for it in this exclusive interview.

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GeraltofRivia1935d ago

This will be the best game ever made by the best developers to exist!

gamerlive1932d ago

This game is looking amazing.

FalloutWanderer20771930d ago

I wish The Witcher 3 was releasing tomorrow! This is the game I just cannot wait to play! Everything they have talked about and I'm assuming a few things they have yet to reveal, all of it has me stoked! Only thing I don't dig is the auto-refilling/infinite potion idea.

I need to see and know more about how that works, it may turn out great but I still miss alchemy from Witcher 1. Regardless, this game looks incredible and the scale sounds massive to go along with that visual fidelity along side content filling the world.

I like the fact that you can refuse a quest and there will be substantial or minor consequences! This and the 36+ end world-states is going to give this game a a lot of replay value.