3GEM Exclusive News: Nintendo’s Amiibo: Save file not shared between games

3GEM: We had the occasion to sit with Matt Ryan from Nintendo of Canada and discussed a few topics with him. Out of this interview came news for the Amiibo which had not been heard before. The Amiibo used on a game will not keep the progress from that game if it is used with another game. Here’s what Matt said specifically on the matter:

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randomass1711936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

So if I put Mario into Smash then use him in Mario Kart I lose the Smash data? That basically forces you to buy more than one if you want to use them in multiple games. It's not necessarily a deal breaker for me since I like the figures, but it is disappointing nonetheless. As long as I can take my Smash Mario into my friends' Smash games then that is what is most important IMO.

TekoIie1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Yeh this isnt good. Seems like a sales strategy rather than a development limitation to be honest :/

Im still wondering how much we can use these though. I mean can I use a Samus Amiibo in Mario Kart 8 or is She limited to the games shes in?

randomass1711936d ago

I think the figures are limited only to games they are in. Which means Samus will probably only be in Metroid games and Smash. Which also means if you want the Samus Amiibo functionality and the Smash functionality, you have to get two different Samus figurines. *Sigh* Dang it. I'll only get one for Smash. Two of each figurine is too much money to spend IMO.

Metallox1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Well, amiigos, we got more reasons to not get amiibos.

LOL_WUT1935d ago

The price being one of them $20+ is ridiculous ;)

Reeze1936d ago

Meh... My excitement for Amiibo is going downhill very quickly.

mydyingparadiselost1936d ago

This sounds... like BS. I'm not buying multiple figures, that's for sure. Hopefully something is done to change this (like keeping the data on the game save file) because this is the kinda thing that could help tank a product.

Chrono1936d ago

Even the fans don't want these.

randomass1711936d ago

I want these. Just not two of each. -.-

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