Photofast unveils 32GB storage solution for PSP, working on 64GB version

Photofast unveiled two new PSP products at the Computex 2008 event in Taiwan recently. They CR-5400 is a "dual slot adapter that converts microSD/microSDHC into Memory Stick Pro duo and provides 16GB of memory." Two of these can then be plugged into the CR-3100 which will give your PSP 32GB of storage. Photofast are also working to increase the maximum storage to 64GB.

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TheBarExam_23781d ago

Firmware will be on this bad boy

Not the Face3781d ago

if they could combine this into the pandoras battery set
up you could have a whole lot of fun

Max Power3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

i guess thats the best we can do until PSP2 comes out with built in solid drives.(assuming thats what they are called)

Doppy3781d ago

We needed this 2 years ago, but it is sweet. Hopefully they add a HDD to the PSP2 while keeping the memory stick suo slots.

th3james3781d ago

gots ta have ma iso's and cso's and pokemons while burntout in class. NOW i can have more!

but i still manage to have gba GoWCOO on my psp with dbz2 and patapon on a 1gb memstick O_o might get this maybe but w.e too big looking, maybe if i could just rip out my useless umd they stick this on their i would buy

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