Game Revolution: The World Ends With You

Game Revolution writes: "Latent psychic powers... a hundred items for character customization... a dying city and some killer characters... it almost sounds like the 2007 crowd-pleaser Bioshock. But it's not! The World Ends With You, the latest accomplishment from Jupiter (Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories), is a triple-threat of action, RPG, and story. It's a striking achievement, hiding on the shelf between copies of Nintendogs 8: Unfwuffy Edition.

Fifteen-year-old loner Neku Sakuraba wakes up in the fashion-obsessed streets of Shibuya, Japan with the ability to read minds. His situation gets stranger and more dangerous by the minute: Neku is actually dead, a ghostly blip in a purgatory called the Underground. If the killer frogs don't eat him, sadistic punks called Reapers will erase him from existence."

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