Hideo Kojima MGS 4 Pre-Launch Video Interview

Hideo Kojima talks to GameSpot about the future for himself and the Metal Gear series in this special pre launch interivew.

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ENNO3878d ago

Pretty much rules out 360 owners playing MGS4!!

solidt123878d ago

yeah even if they did get it, it won't be on a Xbox 360, Maybe next gen if they use a Blu-Ray drive. But Honestly I don't Care. I have a PS3 and will be at the midnight launch. Tommorrow would be a good time to buy a PS3 if you don't have one already to play this game.

Dorian_D3878d ago

Awesome interview. MGS4 is going to have so many happy tears!!

madness3878d ago

kojima is so damn modest!!!

San anto3878d ago

As much as i hate to say it if anything it gave 360 users hope, kojima states he would have try and figure a way to change things round to be playable on another format
Heres to hoping it remains exclusive.

poopsack3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

wasnt he talking about changing his formula for his future games to work on other consoles. because looking back at the development of mgs4 he notices that he did things that could only be done on PS3. And now he is going to change that. thats what I understood.

LeSouteneur3878d ago

He said that if he's gonna make anything on other platforms, it'll be original titles and not ports.

San anto3878d ago

Ah sorry i misunderstood.

butterfinger3878d ago

I will be drunk and waiting for MGS4 at Gamestop. I can't wait.

TheHater3878d ago

I will not be drunk, but I will be waiting in line :)

Millah3878d ago

Right there with ya brotha!

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The story is too old to be commented.