Top Ten Video Game Villains

Top-ten-lists of things as beloved as the people we love to hate are very difficult to produce. Everyone has different opinions, favorite games, and different experiences with those games. This list is comprised of the baddest of the bad, but keep in mind that this is only the opinion of the one behind the keyboard!

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TH3BR3W1933d ago

Wow this list is weak. I can name a villain that is far more sinister than any of thise villains. Kefka from final fantasy 6. Still the only villain in a final fantasy to successfully destroy the world entirely. Also.... really a wow villain made this list? I love FFXIV more than any mmo I've ever played and I still wouldn't put any of the villains from that in my top 10.

Sorry just my opinion as is this list. Alcohol induced nerd rage! Lol

goldwyncq1933d ago

Kefka moved a couple of statues causing the world's continents to shift...he didn't destroy it entirely.

CloudRap1933d ago

Gravemind from Halo 1-3 was the BOSS

mantis_toboggan_phd1933d ago

Psycho mantis from metal gear or nemesis from RE3 are some of my favorites

Tetsujin1933d ago

Here's mine:

1. Kefka (FF3/6)
2. Liquid Snake (MGS 1)
3. Bison (Street Fighter series)
4. Amakusa (Samurai Showdown)
5. Shao Khan (Mortal Kombat 2-Trilogy)
6. Onslaught (Marvel vs Capcom)
7. Gargos (Killer Instinct Gold/2)
8. Nightmares (Zelda Links Awakening)
9. King Koopa (Mario series)
10. William Birkin (Resident Evil 2)

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