Darkwood Preview: Dark Days, Darker Nights | Twinfinite

Tony from Twinfinite writes: Darkwood knows exactly what scary is, and it does it well. It’s another one of the ever-popular Steam Early-Access survival/crafting/horror games, and by the time you finish the prologue you will know fear. Not just that, but a little bit of surprise and disgust for good measure. You might not expect that from a top-down game–Oh, did I forget that part? Yeah, Darkwood is played from above, and it’s executed perfectly.

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ATi_Elite1539d ago

OMG when is the friggin release date? this game is Stellar!

ToneDeezy1539d ago

There isn't a definite one yet, but I agree!

The developer is super active on the Steam forums as well, so I'm expecting big things.