Freedom Wars Review – Unfinished Business (PSLS)

"With all the promise in the world and an exciting demo to lead the way, Freedom Wars was looking stellar. The end product is good, but leaves quite a few things unfinished." -PSLS

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knifefight1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Still no online play a month after launch, too. The community seems to think that's because it's problematic, but of course that's just a rumor.

At least there's ad-hoc play.

admiralvic1928d ago

Not shocking. It took God Eater 2 roughly 6 months between the announcement of online and implementation. Lets just hope it comes sooner than later and the Western version has it by default.

nope1111928d ago

We all should thank Japan for beta testing the game for the west, it'll most likely be patched up and updated with extra content by the time it arrives.

Inception1928d ago

But i got a feeling that Freedom Wars will get butchered by the majority of western reviewers, even with all extra content and patches.

I myself still getting it. A lot of my friends love the japanese import and wants to double dip the english ver.

HentaiMasterRace1928d ago

Who knows, I hope it does well here in the west. Vita needs a revival bead. Or maybe a Balm of Life.

rottencheese1928d ago

Word of Mouth is all is all the game needs. Get your friend to get their friends to get their friends to get the game.(something like that)

All you need to say is "I bet you can't beat this game" with a smiley face. (won't work if the game is already patched since it was really hard before)

Scatpants1928d ago

In gameplay videos the environments looked sparse and repetitive. I'll probably pick it up but I have my doubts.

Sheed1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

i second this, it seems to suffer from the same problems god eater has.
No sense of exploration, adventure or personality.
But hey, not every hunter game can be phantasy star so i'll give it a chance.