Opinion: Wii Won't Rock You

From "A Revolution or just a controlled uprising? With the Wii's launch there's an incredible amount of hype for the system, but is Nintendo's new console really going to take the game industry by storm? Not from our perspective. Read on for five reasons why Wii won't rock you..."

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BlackCountryBob4377d ago

I do agree with some of this article, I have always been worried about the problems of multi format games on the Wii because of lazy conversions to the pad! I was also very worried by the price, I waited before I bought my next gen(its really current gen now) console until I had heard the price of the Wii but decided to buy a 360 when I heard the price as it is just to much, for all intensive purpose it is a gamecube (selling now for £30) with a new pad and disk drive, it should not sell for any more than £100, to truly succeed it needs to be the cheap DVD player equivelant in games consoles, so cheap that it gets bought without even needing to think about but at £80 it is £20 less thn the 360 core package, i'd rather pay the extra and get a more complete package! If I buy a Wii its gonna be coz its so cheap that I dont even register it as a major purchase!

BlackCountryBob4377d ago

sorry thats £180 not £80, if it were £80 I would buy one straight away!

THAMMER14377d ago

The Wii's exclusive games and new age motion games will make it fun. They have no competition. They have sold 1,000,000 already and will break records.

wulfgar884377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Im gonna be honest...i waitd in the cold for 3 hours yesterday and i got my revolution on launch. it was easy to set up and i soon had 3 friends come over who wanted to try it out. 2 of them being girls were sketchy at first bt once they picked up the controllers they had a great time with Wii sports. the other guy (my best friend) is a strong PS3 supporter however really wantd to see how it played. He is now addicted to Wii any doubters, let me assure you the Wii is awesome.

TheMART4377d ago

Well after buying the 360, it's the Wii that rocks me more then the PS3 for sure!

So it'll be a Wii60, but just when the Wii will be about 170 Euro overhere in Europe. At this point in time I think it's too much for a supercharged gamecube which is generally a funmachine for parties with lots of beer.

Witewunder4376d ago

I wasn't really even going to buy a next gen system, but Nintendo lured me right in. After I got it at midnight, I took it home with my friend who also bought one and we stayed up till 4am trying out all the wii sports games.

My very skeptical girlfriend, who doesn't like video games past NES, gave it a try and loved it. The coolest aspect was that I could not win all the time, and I even tried to. She then proceeded to try Excite Truck and Rayman and ended up loving them both. So much so that she played them when I wasn't home, something she would never do with any other console.

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