World of Tanks: Blitz Review | GIZORAMA

Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "It’s probably not fair to you to read my review of World of Tanks: Blitz for iOS. Why? Because I thought Wargaming’s World of Tanks for Xbox and PC was awesome. Not awesome like COD awesome, or like (old-school Atari) Combat awesome; like I’ve-never-played-a-game-quite -like-this-before awesome. On the Xbox, while controls don’t always spot on, and while the tanks are…well, tanky–slow, clunky and easily killed–the game offers quick turnaround on both consoles and PCs, and the arenas are really genuine. The mobile app, I’m happy to say, was just a hint more intuitive and easy-to-master, making World of Tanks one of my new favorite mobile games."

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