PS4 Exclusive Deep Down’s US Trademark Granted Extension: There’s Still Hope For a Western Release

Today Capcom released a brand new screenshot of the upcoming PS4 Exclusive Free to Play RPG Deep Down, together with the notice that any info about the public beta for Japan have been delayed for the fourth time to some time this month, but together with the bad news there are some good ones, as a request of extension for the trademark in the US has been filed by Capcom and approved by the USPTO.

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Dwalls11711931d ago

Who knows when we'll actually play this game

Abriael1931d ago

Have faith young padawan.

JackOfAllBlades1931d ago

I need this game in my console!!

user74029311931d ago

the graphics were mindblowing, i cannot imagine if they pull a driveclub and shock and awe everyone again.

slinky1234561931d ago

I don't see how it isn't coming to the West sooner. It was announced in NA. The games original dub is English. Every trailer shown even ones at TGS are in English. The translation of menus shouldn't take that long. They should have just been translating it at the same time of development and it would have made things that much simpler.

Sevir1931d ago

Not only that, the game has a US page on

isarai1931d ago

What i dont get is it's a digital title, it's not like they have to repring english cases an ship it overseas, just put it on the psn store. i also dont get how it's still on the fence when the voice acting and text in the game is already in english

domford19811931d ago

Doesn't make any sense that they even considered not giving it a western release. It was one of the reasons for many that the PS4 was so appealing at the reveal

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The story is too old to be commented.