Destiny: 5 Things I Want To See In The Final Game

Ryan Winslett writes:
"The Destiny beta has come and gone, and I’m guessing there are more than a few people out there who, like me, are still suffering from withdrawals while waiting for the Sept. 9 launch of the actual game. The majority of folks sounding off about their time with the beta seem to have had a very positive experience, but there’s always room for improvement. Here are five things I’d like to see added to the final game."

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Paul_JC1539d ago

From playing the alpha and the beta, Im sold on this game. All I want now is a great story.

EvilCackle1539d ago

I think the premise (humanity on the brink of extinction) is cool. It's tough to make a great story when the hero's basically a blank slate, though.

jdktech20101539d ago

This is why I might not grab it with all the other great games.

I typically love a good story with my games and it's why I love games like Halo, Mass Effect and Last of Us. I just didn't get that vibe of a story driven game. It was more of a borderlands without the humor and creative guns mixed with the mechanics of Halo.

It's obviously a well made game and all it would take me to buy it is a great story. I'll have to wait until the game is out for a while to know if this game has it.

BiggerBoss1539d ago

Yeah I feel like RPGS (especially open world) tend to fall short in the story department. However they can have great background lore. Just look at skyrim, great lore, mediocre story in practice though

MysticStrummer1539d ago

It's way too late for an article like this.

Majin-vegeta1539d ago

Unlimited storage for weapons.Seriously who though 20 spaces was enough??

crusf1539d ago

The person in charge of maintaining the destiny servers. That's alot of players storing weapons in there.

SoulMikeY1539d ago

1.) Master Chief
2.) Master Chief
3.) Master Chief
4.) Master Chief
5.) Gaurdi... Master Chief