PlayStation Now's pricing is still super dumb

Dealspwn: "Sony need to be less stubborn with this than they were with the also absurdly overpriced Vita memory cards or else PS Now will go the same way -- adopted by a tiny proportion of the gaming audience -- and ultimately prove to be a big fat waste of money for everyone concerned."

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Dwalls11711935d ago

The worst think about PSNOW is the pricing
I wish they just do what we all thought they were going to do and make is a Netflix type subscription service

I'm not paying 4.99 for 4 hours or 29.99 for 90 days

Father__Merrin1934d ago

is that 29.99 for 1 game? this is utterly stupid

who is putting these prices? it must be publishers. there should be a flat fee per month and thats it

jujubee881934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

It's the publishers, but Sony is allowing it. More people need to complain about the prices to publishers and hold them accountable, I feel like.

The only place I feel like Sony will have a sway in is in the rumored subscriptions, kind of like they cut prices for PS+ members so easy. Because otherwise, these publishers almost never cut the costs of their games compared to their retail games.

p.s. I don't agree with the "flat rate". I want these publishers to go low, though. Like, WAYYYY lower then $30 per max rental. And I'm fine if that means they tier it. Heck make it $5.33 for a one year rental of one game and $6.66 for another; so long as it's low and for (At least) one year. I'm super sold!

troylazlow1934d ago

If there is a subscription fee how will sony distribute the $$$ to all the publishers fairly?

Will publishers add their "good" games to a subscription service?

Will there be a game limit (5 games a month) to the subscription?

We have to remember Sony is out to make money, it has to be profitable for them before we see anything like a subscription service.

Insomnia_841934d ago

Why didn't you mention the other two options, the ones for 7 days and 30 days? That's right, NOBODY talks about those because tbey don't have a problem with those. The hot topic is to btch about PS Now prices and here you are like many others seeking for that attention.

Don't like the price for the 4hr? Don't pay it then, who rents a game for 4 hours anyway??? Not many and nobody is forcing anyone to pay for it.

The 7-days and 30-days? No problem there so let's skip that and continue btching about the bad ones.

The 90-days? If you are thinking about renting a game for 90 days then you might as well buy it which is the same price as if bought the game and Sony is putting the prices right there on top of the rental prices for you to see.

Now, please, stop with the btchng ffs!!!

marlinfan101934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

heres a few 7 day rentals. these are some of the bigger games, the smaller games are even worse deals. i guess you're right, theres no problem with these 7 day rentals

dead or alive 5
$6 to rent for a week, the full game can be bought for $9

dirt 3
$15 to rent for a week, full game price is 25$

mgs 4
$8 to rent for a week, full game is cheaper, $6.30 at gamestop

saints row 2
$6 for a week, $13 at gamestop.

kz 3
$6 a week, $4.50 at gamestop

crazy taxi
$4 for a week. $10 for the full game on playstations own website for the digital download.

sure there might be a few on there that a decent deals for 7 days but for the most part, its still a rip off

Sokol1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Completely agree, the 7 day and especially the 30 days rental are well priced.

The 90 days needs work the most. I also find it interesting how out of 120 available titles the article focused on 3-4 newest games to make an example of bad prices while ignoring the others completely..

Not to mention, the streaming quality Is excellent on good connection.

So called gaming journalism at its best...

Darkstares1934d ago

These are NOT new games, therefore the pricing model is still not very good for the 7 day and 30 day offerings. That is why the only saving grace for this service is to either offer NEW games or to offer a subscription model for about $15 a month or $100 a year which gives you FULL access.

Publishers will continue to take advantage of console gamers compared to the PC. That's because royalties and other issues get in the way which console gamers are used to paying a premium for.

hkgamer1934d ago


well, some prices are stupid, but pthers are reasonable. i remember doing a comparison with saints row 3 the other time. gamestop is selling that game at ridiculous prices and makes the psnow price seem ok in a sense.

i would also like to add that some people dont care if they own a game or not. as long as they can play it and not deal with selling or returning the item they are ok.

these prices are pretty high for rental, but if you compare the prcies to an on demand movie then its relatable in a sense.

lets just give sony time, vote with our wallets, they will see what works and what doesnt.

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detroit2cali1934d ago

"Good news, we will soon have titles come to Open Beta starting as low as $1.99 for a 4 hour rental. Also, we’re working hard on the subscription offering – more on that later. No announcement yet on a PS Vita launch date but it is coming soon…" From the playstation blog.

marlinfan101934d ago

great, so the games we can fully purchase for $5-$10 are gonna be $2 for 4 hrs, what a deal


djplonker1934d ago

When blockbuster was still around here in the uk I would regularly rent ps3/360 games for £7/$12 for 5 days so to me these prices are pretty good!

marlinfan101934d ago


were you renting games that were years old at blockbuster? no they had brand new games for the price were getting these old games for.

djplonker1934d ago

I looked at the prices and games through my us account and seen quite a few games I would be happy renting for a week like sniper elite 2!

marlinfan101934d ago

yeah, don't get me wrong, theres a few games that aren't bad deals, but for the most part they're not good at all IMO. riptide is on there for a pretty good price too

jujubee881934d ago

Jessus Figgin' Crack . . . and it's a SqeEnix game that's the highest game on a 4 hour rental!!! (where most are 3 bucks or less UGH!!! Oooof course)

Leave it to them to make Sony's PSNOW seem even worse then it is now somehow. lol :P

But I'm hoping the prices become a fraction of what they are now for each rental scheme. It HAS TO in order for me (a more mild-to-hardcore) consumer of content on Playstation to take PSNOW up for usage.

1934d ago
hulk_bash19871934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Premium Subscription for access to full library of games = I'm in

Rental Service with some bad pricing options = No Thank You

Sorry Sony, I love you but I'm not on board with Playstation Now in its current state.

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windblowsagain1935d ago

I'm not paying anything for it.

Last gen games need to stay in the last gen.

I want new experiences.

ATi_Elite1935d ago

"Last gen games need to stay in the last gen.
I want new experiences."

Hey have you picked up your copy of TLOU Remastered yet? How much better is it over the PS3 version?

daBUSHwhaka1934d ago

Much better.looks and plays phenomenal.

iamnsuperman1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

This isn't really the product for you. This is really a service to dominate the micro console market. There is nothing better than making the micro console market work by having a service that doesn't require one. The problem with micro consoles is the cheaper it is to buy the cheaper it looks (especially on the big screen). It is an untapped market that could be profitable (especially since how the mobile market has exploded)

What you're after is a new system with new games which is a totally different thing. Until they bring this to phones/tablets I doubt many people on this website would want to use the service as they more than likely have a PS3 (or the reason/means to get one).

But for all this too work the prices need to be fixed

Spotie1934d ago

Because this will stop Media Molecule from being able to make games, right?

jairusmonillas1934d ago

I agree it's dumb but at the end of the day it's optional and i don't think many people really needed it.

evilbart1934d ago

I have been a playstation gamer all my life and have to agree this service is ridiculously overpriced, but as long as we have die hard sony fanboys defending it then it will not change.No matter how much you love sony please don't try justify these prices or they will never change.

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