New Screenshots Show off WildStar’s Sabotage Mode

A new batch of screenshots have been released today that showcase some of the madness that players will be able to experience first hand in Sabotage matches.

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FrogSpork1537d ago

I just can't get in to mmo's , I really wish I could. I own so many... And this one in the beta I played was great!

ATi_Elite1537d ago

If you can't get into MMo's then why do you " own so many" and why bother playing the Beta of WildStar if you can't get into MMO's?

your comment is kinda confusing.

what MMo's have you played?

FrogSpork1537d ago

I have played ESO, LoTR online, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, DCUO, Warframe and more I cannot think of. I own them because I have bought them, I had intended to play and enjoy them, because each of the things I saw on them looked great. But in the long run, I just seem to not be able to get into them. But I WILL find one I do... I am jealous of how people say an MMO hooks them, because ones I have played simply haven't.