IGN: Hands-on Top Spin 3 - We take the Wii version for a... spin?

IGN writes: "Despite a preliminary tennis offering in Wii Sports, fans of Nintendo's latest console don't have too many tennis games to work with on the system. What's even more surprising – and frankly a shame – is that Wii Sports Tennis, even in all its simplicity, is still the best of its kind on Wii. The racquet control works, allowing you to hit a lob, straight shot, or add a bit of spin if you've got the know-how, and while there's no independent character movement the main gameplay works. It's simple, quick, and rewarding.

2K Sports now throws its hat in the ring on Wii with Top Spin 3. Hitting all major consoles in just a few short weeks, Top Spin 3 is also making its Wii debut, and the team is working to incorporate some seriously in-depth motions. Just how well they work so far is still up for grabs at least a bit – the game has a decently high learning curve, and we're still only a few hours in with the game – but if there's one franchise that should be able to pull it off, it's Top Spin."

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