14 ways PES still has FIFA beat

Why Konami will be taking this year's match with EA into extra time.

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Rock-Lee1929d ago

One way FIFA has PES ALWAYS beat:


iamnsuperman1929d ago

This is the reason FIFA will always stay on top. PES can do all it likes but the lack of licencing will always hold it back

slimeybrainboy1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Do none of you seriously not know that you can download a save that gets all the kits names and faces for PC and consoles?

It better as well because you can edit hairstyles boots to keep the game authentic.

The problem with PES is not licensing, it's that major areas of the game completely suck.

hardeepmeghera1929d ago

Agreed. I always liked playing PES ever since the PS2 era but not having proper names for teams was such a turn off. Till they get licensing for at least the big leagues, they'll never be able to compete With FIFA.

Rik_Mayall1929d ago

Yorkshire Orange for Hull made me chortle every time I came up against them.

snarls2001929d ago

slimey is it a legal file

3-4-51927d ago

Who cares about famous players. I care about the game. The game matters more than the players and PES is more fun and realistic to play.

I love both PES & Fifa, but PES is more realistic.

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lemoncake1929d ago

I got FIFA 14 last year so I will probably get pes this year and look at if FIFA 16 is worth getting or waiting until FIFA 17 before repeating the cycle again.

iceman061929d ago

So, I'm not the only one. I used to buy FIFA and then trade it in for PES during the times when they were off cycle. Now that they release at the same time, I pretty much do the same thing. I cycle between the two. Of course, if one has a horrible demo, then I usually be a bit more cautious with my purchase.

jlm91929d ago

I am not quite sure about the legality of the option files for PES but on the current Gen they were very easy to install as an edit file. The option files (made all the correct team names and kits) look amazing and are user made.

PES is almost fully editable as well so if your playing as Yorkshire Orange you can change it to Hull City in about 30 seconds. On prior versions you could even create your own stadiums to very accurate representations of each ground if you did some work. Sadly EA brought the rights to stadiums to stop PES being able to allow this. That said there is a strong community on the internet who simply edit for PES.

FIFA gives you everything up front which is awesome, but with work PES is a much better game because you feel like you have more invested in it both with the edits and better and more difficult game play.

I own both FIFA 14 and PES 14 and I can honestly say that with an option file PES is far superior in gameplay and on the pitch. Just don't look at the stadiums very closely because there are only about 8 in the whole game

To add to the writers list

15. UEFA Champions League with Music

16. 100+ International teams.

17. Online Competitions - simply the best way to kill an hour (2 if you are good) on a football/soccer game