How well does PlayStation Now work on PS4?

Polygon: We gave PlayStation Now a test run after the launch of its beta on PS4 earlier today, and despite a perplexing pricing model and a minute or two of network wonkiness, the platform is performing surprisingly well. In the video above, you can watch our attempt to stream and play two PlayStation 3 titles — Just Cause 2 and Final Fantasy 13 — on our PlayStation 4.

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Dwalls11711936d ago

It works fine

But if Sony want to show the millions of PS4 owners their aappreciation for buying their console they need to make PS NOW pricing fair

Considering how they are not allowing us to get EA access
10$ month or 12$month subscription is Fair

xYLeinen1936d ago

And this is exactly why Sony is having this beta, and they have given statements of this multiple times.

People need to accept that it's expensive now and vote with their wallets and feedback. Not JUDGE the service down to hell because it's expensive at this very moment.

rdgneoz31936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

"Not JUDGE the service down to hell because it's expensive at this very moment."

True, though it still is expensive as hell atm and even if they change the prices in the future, people that rented games today won't be getting a refund of the difference. Unlike beginning of the closed beta where the games were free and they were testing network stability or such (I had Dead Island and Kill All Zombie work about 85% of the time), the games in the last part of the closed beta and now open beta you have to pay for. So it will be judged to hell until they lower the prices.

The problem with PS Now is that the publishers set the prices, which is why some games are expensive as hell and others are OK. So even if Sony wanted to lower the prices on some games, they can only do it for the ones they publish. They have to ask other pubs nicely and hope they do.

TekoIie1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

"And this is exactly why Sony is having this beta"

So people can offer feedback on what they do and don't like right?

"People need to accept that it's expensive now and vote with their wallets and feedback."

Wait what? So I should accept the prices now DURING THE BETA, and then criticise Sony for it when the service officially launches!?!? What kinda messed up logic is that?

We should be critical of things now so they can easily implement imrpovements before PS Now's official launch.

Vitalogy1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

So now people have to pay to test stuff. Oh boy, long gone are the days that people were being paid off to test stuff.

You won't see me there mr. sony. I could care less about this service now, had high hopes though.

Ju1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

PS Now is a new platform. If people really want to play those games on the cheap simply get a PS3. Used ones are fairly cheap. And PS+ will get you most of them for free. This is a streaming service and not a replacement for a physical device. PS Now simply is another platform ... I'd hope eventually you could link that to your existing library and let you play those. Pricing is out of this world. At the same time, I am not even sure if this will become a mainstream consumer product...but it could (e.g.) be great value for hotel entertainment systems and such.

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WeedyOne1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Sorry to break it to you but you arent going to be getting ps now at $10-$12 a month. That's just not enough money for them to turn a profit.

I bet if they do come out with a subscription type service it will be much more expensive than what people are expecting. I'm thinking something around $20 a month or $200 a year (giving a slight discount for paying more upfront). Gamefly's subscription goes for $16-$23 depending on if you get the 1 game or 2 game offer. I expect PSnows subscription to be competitive with this. But with PSnow you are getting possibly hundreds of games (once out of beta) at once with no waiting so i could see them charging more than gamefly realistically.

Look at it this way, a game sells for $60 right? You can beat that $60 game in a few days. Well at $20-$30 a month you could beat multiple games and still pay half or less than the price of a single game.

If they do price it like i stated, they better have damn near every game from the last 2 or 3 generations and maybe even current gen games as well or its not going to be worth it.

Mikelarry1936d ago

nice video walktrhrough. sony should just bite the bullet and offer a " true" Netflix experience for games $5 all games at your disposal and they would see profits like no tomorrow.

OrangePowerz1936d ago

With 5 bucks a month they are supposed to see profits? Remember that other publishers will also want money from it.

Mikelarry1936d ago

yes, netflix some how manages to see profits charging $5 to stream movies /tv shows

incredibleMULK1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Every game that gets played they get a piece. I bought darkness 2 on PC for $2.99. The $60 price for a game is only worth it if people are WILLING to pay it.

If everyone stopped buying day 1 and soon after games like call of duty would drop like a rock. If everyone was paying $5 once to own a digital game developers would stop bitching about resale, more people would buy games, people would have more games, and developers would still make profits.

Remember horrible games like quantum theory no one bought that turd. But for $5 that won't put us in the poor house ...more people would risk it and pay the $5....guarantee tecmo would earn more tis way.

Psnow game selection sucks. First 23 games are Indies. I guess their infrastructure can't handle fps or god of wars, uncharteds, Dante's inferno, little big planet.
Too bad I had high hopes for this service.

Liqvid1936d ago

@ Mikelarry
Netflix is $9, not $5.

Utalkin2me1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )


First off it's in beta. Secondly maybe you didn't actually look at the games, cause it is far from having all indies.

Killzone 3
MGS 4 and HD collection
Ninja Gaiden
Dead Island
Dues Ex
Resident Evil 5 and chronicles
Just Cause 2
Darksiders 1 and 2
Dead rising 2
Dead or Alive 5

And some decent racing games on top of that.

OrangePowerz1936d ago


Netflix recently increased the price of the sub from 7 to 9 bucks or something like that. Also Movies and TV shows have a much bigger audience while being also cheaper so the amount they have to pay to the license holders shouldn't be too high even though they have a wide selection of Movies and Shows.


If everybody stops buying games on launch you can soon say good buy to a lot of companies and bigger games. It's like if everybody would stop going to the cinema. Clearly you have no idea about development costs and profit sharing since from the 60 bucls a game costs a lot goes to other places like production, a share for the store, a share for Sony/MS/Nintendo/Valve and so on. Only a part goes back to the developer/publisher.

Ju1936d ago

"Time on screen" sure is different for a movie and a game. One is 2 hours the other days.

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hello121936d ago

The pricing is structured different. Movies and shows are not as expensive. Games when they first come out are priced substantially higher.

Mikelarry1936d ago

ok you might be right that games are more expensive but sony is not currently offering new games with this service. if they truly want this service to be successful they will need to meet the consumer half way those psnow prices are ridiculous

roland821936d ago

Just Cause 2. One of my personal favorite games from last generation

TheFallenAngel1936d ago

It doesn't work with my dial up like connection. I can't believe I'm getting ripped off for my crappy connection.

SaffronCurse1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Welcome to the 21st century. So I'm guessing you can't use Netflix? Every streaming website requires minimum 5mbps.

TheFallenAngel1936d ago

I can use netflix. It even says 720 hd while streaming it. My internet is 5mbps down and 1mbps up. I live in the middle of nowhere so that's why. No comcast, verizon or any other big company.

Genuine-User1936d ago

I hope Europeans get this service soon as well.

OrangePowerz1936d ago

Hope so given that we have the better internet connections compared to the US.

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