No Man's Sky is Timed Exclusive, Coming to PC

You'd be forgiven for thinking that No Man's Sky was a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It's been heavily marketed alongside other Sony greats over the last few months, but the developers have clarified exactly where you'll be able to play the game when it releases. Sure, it'll be first on PlayStation, but it definitely won't be staying there.

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Dwalls11711931d ago

The best thing I saw at e3
Can't wait for this on PS4

JackOfAllBlades1931d ago

It does look really promising, I'll get it for PS4 to play it first and then on PC to support the dev and maybe have better graphics too

cleft51931d ago

No Man's Sky does look great but I thought it was known that this was a timed exclusive.

badz1491931d ago

It was announced as "making its platform debut on PS4" if I'm not mistaken and that pretty much means timed exclusive.

sinspirit1931d ago


"Exclusive console debut".

Normally if a game is an exclusive it is "Only on PlayStation".

And, they generally never say "exclusive console debut" to announce a timed exclusive coming to other platforms later on. So, the wording is either just for the sake of better words or "exclusive console debut" means more than that and is probably saying it is a console exclusive, on one console and PC, but the PC release will be at a later date.

Mr Pumblechook1930d ago

My mate who has an Xbone but no PS4 was worried he wouldn't be able to play this, but he does have a powerful PC. So if he doesn't buy a PS4 he knows he will definitely be able to play this.

Bobby Kotex1930d ago

I'll be getting it on PC. No point in buying it twice.

VforVideogames1930d ago

When is it coming out? So I can dust off my ps4.

troylazlow1930d ago

after PC I'm sure it will end up on Xbox One

ChrisGTR11930d ago

so when is this game coming out?

HighResHero1930d ago

I don't really mind this and would love to see a DRM-Free version on GOG.

fr0sty1930d ago

There really wouldn't be much of an advantage playing a game like this on PC. It's a great game and could define its own genre, but in the end its visuals aren't exactly maxing the PS4 out.

So, it really comes down to where and how you want to play, vs. the visuals.

memots1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

@Mr Pumblechook

Same with Titanfall and Dead rising 3,
So who has more exclusive again ?

GordonKnight1930d ago

I do with all three consoles!

Wii U>PS4>X1

guitarded771930d ago


Hello Games is a SMALL (like 4 people small) studio. They can't really get a game ready to roll out across platforms at once. We saw this with the Joe Danger games. So no reason to argue over it. Joe Danger was first on PS3... Joe Danger 2 first on 360. It's how they roll (no pun intended... I hate puns).

Docknoss1930d ago

Looks like I'll be either waiting until the Xbox version comes out or buy a Gaming PC

Gamer19821930d ago

@troylazlow - This cannot come to Xbox One because of [email protected] Xbox fans have to understand this rule is bad for Xbox and gamers in general. The rule clearly states unless it comes out on Xbox at the same time or first they are not allowed to publish a game on the store unless they are a major party.

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harrisk9541931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

One of my most anticipated games...

Question.... if the game is a "timed exclusive" to the PS4, then coming to PC, does that mean that PS4 has a CONSOLE exclusive and it will not be coming to XB1?

Has there been any word on an XB1 port? I think that if Sony tied this up as a PS4 console exclusive, they would be brilliant. This game will move consoles.

EDIT: Just answered my own question:


"With these two major platforms confirmed for eventual release of No Man’s Sky I’m sure questions will shift to the Xbox One. However, with how entrenched the game is in PS4 and certain policies Microsoft has about indie publishers, it is unlikely we will see No Man’s Sky on Xbox One any time soon, if at all. Still, it is a definite possibility as Hello Games has left the door open for all platforms to see a release at some point."

DoctorJones1930d ago

Look at history, Joe Danger was exclusive to PS for a while, then it came to Xbox and pc. It will be the same here.

Just another 'timed exclusive'.

Pointless really, 'timed exclusives' are not real exclusives. They should be criticized equally, not just to suit an agenda.

HaveAsandwich1930d ago

at some point, yea. it'll be a hell of a long time though.

Gamer19821930d ago

No Xbox port thanks to [email protected] rules which means unless it comes out first or at the same time on xbox it cannot be published on xbox. At least for Indie games which this clearly is. Only big publishers do not have to abide by [email protected] So stop thinking this will ever be on Xbox at least until MS get rid of that stupid rule which they made because they are big headed a$$h0135 who think the rule will make devs choose Xbox over PS. It's what happens when you get a big head and its gonna blow up int here face just like always online. It will be removed in the future I have no doubt about it but in the next year so this game comes out on the system?? I doubt it.. Maybe this game will be the one to make them do it though..

ATi_Elite1931d ago

if a PC game is "Console-y" then it's a MULTI-PLAT and NOT a PC Game.

there is NOTHING Console-y about a PC Game.

PC Exclusives stay Exclusives because there is usually something that that game has that the Devs do not feel will work in the console environment i.e. Network, gameplay, genre, technology, etc..

"buh buh what about Diablo III"? Good point!

The Control scheme is Totally different thus making the one version almost impossible at high difficulty levels.

ShinMaster1930d ago

OMG haha. You guys are ridiculous.
So a PC game is not a TRUE PC game unless it remains exclusive?

Bathyj1930d ago

I think he's making the point I have made many times, lots of games that are on pc's like assassins creed, watchdogs, GTA, were designed with consoles in mind, and simply made for pc as well. They are console games at heart, they just happen to be on pc.

True pc games are built from the ground up for pc and pc only, be it control scheme, target audience or just horsepower, and that's why they'll never likely be ported, or at least not without significant compromises.

ShinMaster1930d ago

I've played several PC games that were build from the ground up for PC and ended up on consoles anyway.

Zhipp1930d ago

Most RTS's are good examples of PC games. You'll never see Total War on a console. It's just not compatible.

d3nworth11930d ago

Your argument makes no sense. Do you have any idea how many game invalidate your argument? America Mcgee's Alice, Crysis, The Witcher 2, War Thunder, WarFrame, PlanetSide 2,Minecraft, BroForce all PC exclusives that then made it to consoles. So were they console-y when they first launch on PC or just when the eventually came out on consoles. There is only one reason why a game would stay exclusive to PC and that's if the money wasn't there to be made on other platform. If the money is there a Dev would optimize the hell out that game to get it to run on consoles. Money matters not platforms.

"buh buh what about Diablo III"? Good point!

"The Control scheme is Totally different thus making the one version almost impossible at high difficulty levels."

That's complete BS if a person is used to the control scheme they will have no trouble playing it at a high difficulty. Of course if you being playing the game with mouse and keyboard then tried to play it with a controller it's going to be impossible at a high difficulty for you.

PC gaming, Console gaming. Gaming is gaming you people need to quit putting stupid titles in front of everything.

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C-H-E-F1930d ago

long as I don't see XO i'm fine with that. :D

Cha0tik1930d ago

I haven't seen anything about this coming to Xbox OpS4ne. There are many indies on PC & PS4. Right now its a console exclusive coming to PC and the possibility of coming to Xbox One.

C-H-E-F1929d ago

Exactly @Azuske
Mofo's be reading into ish sooo much lOl.. read what it says and take it for what it is.. just like GTAV was a timed exclusive for ps3/360.

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AndrewLB1930d ago

The developer had talked about this being developed originally for PC and suddenly a few months back said it was PS4 exclusive. Sounds like sony threw them a bunch of money to release it on console first.

DigitalRaptor1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

All console games are developed on PC.

A few months back (E3), they announced that it would make its "console exclusive debut". Shahid Ahmad, who deals with third party relations and indie games, told on Twitter that he signed the game with SCE.

Don't need to act like you're uncovering a bit of a secret. It's obvious a deal was made, but it's also obvious that Hello Games trusts Sony to debut all their new IPs, as shown with Joe Danger and now this.

showtimefolks1930d ago

I for one never thought it was a permanent exclusive, i thought like a lot of indie games it was just coming to PlayStation first. This was one of the best games at E3, can't wait to play it

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DoctorJones1930d ago

Yeah the game looks good.

Your selfie is even worse this time around. CM if ever I saw one.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1931d ago

well now most people will wait for superior PC version if they dont have a PS4.

matgrowcott1931d ago

Usually I'd agree, but maybe not in this case. Since they're already saying it's made for consoles first, and that it's going to play very "console-y," I don't see how it'll be much better on PC, outside of maybe it having mod support and presuming the average person doesn't have a monitor that allows for above 1080p.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1931d ago

that maybe so but I am pretty sure many wouldn't care unless the PC version footage isn't demanding enough over the ps4

thezeldadoth1931d ago

considering the nature of the game and random generation, a non-closed system like PC will perform much better than the console counter part. If it does have mod support, it'll end up being so extensive that the console version will seem bare bones.

ravensly1931d ago

no it was actually a pc only and i think sony bought it as an timed its a pc port originally.

matgrowcott1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


I'm not sure we're in a place where we can say it'll perform better, not generally anyway.

Mod support would be a huge dealbreaker though, you're right.


You're right, I misread the quote.

1931d ago
TekoIie1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

This does seem like a game though that could benefit greatly from mod support.

A dedicated community could create some pretty amazing stuff for this game.

Evilsnuggle1931d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

[email protected] [email protected] thezeldadoth @ OtakuDJK1NG

More like another console port to pc . A second thought like most AAA games you can wait another 6 moths to a years for slightly higher frame rates for ultra high end pc most pc gamers don't own . A year or so for a few extra settings and mods for the few gamers who are into that kind of thing .Most AAA games are made for console then ported to pc because console are the money makers for AAA a games . Most AAA games are designed around console hardware spec and extra settings and features are byproduct of what could not be optimized for console and are left over features and settings that could not fit in a console game nothing more. Meanwhile I will be finished playing No Man Sky and playing Destiny that other awesome console exclusive with awesome exclusive content on PS4 . Just play the beta a amazing game you can wait . Maybe by then the game publishers might have turned a profit on the game for console sales . Then it's off to the bargain basement pc and steam or maybe the game publisher will hears cries of the usual petition for the game to be on pc in another year or 2 any day now for red dead redemption or GTA 5 on pc anytime now. Then some jerk can hack the game and cheat ruining the game for everyone else that is the worst thing about pc the cheat and hacks by some losers cheating in pc multiplayer games plague pc

aliengmr1930d ago


That's pretty much what I've been thinking. I've also been skeptical about mod support too. It could certainly benefit the game, but the devs don't seem that keen on it. If they have to "think" about mod support, that's usually a big red flag.

On top of that, the space flight, which doesn't look like it has any sim qualities at all, doesn't look particularly exciting to me. I want to actually deal with entering the atmosphere in some way or have to land correctly.

It's a game made for the PS4. I'm not angered by that, just a lot less excited for it. It is what it is. I'm not expecting a "definitive" PC version by any means, I just don't think that would appeal to the PS4 crowd.

Unless something changes, I am just going assume this is just a PS4 port. Not saying that's bad, just the reality at this point.

Zhipp1930d ago

Mod support is a pretty big deal -- especially for a game like this.. That's reason enough for me to buy a game on PC over anything else.

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MysticStrummer1931d ago

PC gamers would care more about Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous than No Man's Sky.

amnalehu1931d ago

I agree with @mysticstrummer, but I expect Elite Dangerous to make it's way to the PS4 as well :-)

thezeldadoth1931d ago

^ yeah that way all the ps4 fans can flood the the forums with why elite dangerous is so much better than star citizen

R-A-S-01930d ago

I'm a PC gamer and No Man's Sky is my most anticipated game, along with Bloodborne.

Lon3wolf1930d ago

For me (primarily PC gamer)No Mans and Elite are equal in want for them, not too interested in SC for some reason.

tee_bag2421930d ago

This game was on my radar. I'm a fan of precedurally generated voxel games. Its good its coming to PC, now I can hold off buying one until GT 7.

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CaEsAr-1931d ago

there's always this guy

styferion1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

not really, for multiplayer titles like this people usually go with whatever platform their friends are, either it's PS4 or PC. Most would prefer playing with many friends rather than going solo with some better textures or effects.. unless it's a cross-play of course.

OldDude1930d ago

You could always try making a friend on a PC you know...

ricochetmg1930d ago

I think cross-play is something we should demand as gamers.

Bobby Kotex1930d ago

I'll be waiting. The whole point of my PS4 is to play games I can't on PC.

kingduqc1930d ago

I dont see how people don't agree with you. This has tons of mods potentiakl that would make the game 10 times more fun + 1440p

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TheTowelBoy1931d ago

Just glad to hear it's coming to more than one platform. I have a ps4 but it'd be a shame to just keep it there.

jocomat91930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

i agree if it turns out to be a decent game(which it looks like it will be) i want them to make good money by spreading onto other platforms so they can grow and make more games.

Mr-Dude1931d ago

Instead of all these No Mans's Sky is coming to PC or XBox soon articles, give us the release date!

SoapShoes1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Well it isn't coming to Xbox but a release date would be nice.

AngelicIceDiamond1930d ago

As far as we know but I'm pretty sure the game will hit X1 eventually.

EData1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

It will probably be similar to PVZ on X1 coming to PS4.